He stood hunched over the sink, looking closely into the mirror, his hands clutching the sides. He was naked, except for a pair of crimson boxer briefs that brought out the lightness of his skin. As he pulled out the razor from the medicine cabinet, I began to panic. I tried to run,but I couldn't move. I looked up at him helplessly. He couldn't see me. His eyes stayed on the razor and watched it as it made its way to his wrist, piercing slowly into the skin. Bubbles of blood began to emerge beneath the razor as it slid across his skin. I began to scream, but I couldn't hear my own voice. I felt my tears fall uncontrollably down my face, falling into my mouth as I screamed, watching him collapse into the water-filled bathtub.

That night, Miranda spent the night over at my house. After nearly an hour of assuring her that I was okay, my mom had left for work and wouldn't be back for a day or two. Miranda and I spent the majority of the night headbanging to Venom and Cradle of Filth, then plopping onto my bed, having intimate conversations through the darkness. We got really bored, thus birthing the climax of our dark, twisted relationship. To the sound of Gothic rock in the background, We began to reenact scenes from our favorite movies. She put on a purple corset and began to let her long,red ponytail loose, her hair flapping in the fan's wind. I began to unzip it from behind her slowly. I began to quickly remove it little by little as the music progressed. When it was removed, she slowly turned to me, a sensual look on her face, flashing me. A half second later, we were hunched over in laughter. After basking in our collective madness for another three hours, we both watched Anime DVDs until we fell asleep.

Due to the oppression of summer jobs, Miranda had to leave that morning. I didn't watch her leave. I'd get too angry. I listened to her footsteps walking outside, her voice greeting another and another knock at the door. "Dave!"

I chuckled. Only a few people called me "Dave", which were my mom and Erik. Judging by the bass of the voice, it definitely wasn't my mom.

Erik was still in his baseball uniform when he arrived from practice. Ever since he'd switched to baseball last year he's had more free time on his hands. I was baffled by the reason why he did seeing how baseball games are much longer than basketball games, but I didn't complain. I got to see him more and seeing him sweating in his uniform never ceased to disappoint me. Despite the team change, he still often would forget his clothes. Some things never change. He threw his baseball hat onto the bed as he walked in, a bright smile on his face. As I got up to greet him he threw his arms around me before I could say a word.

A deep,sensual "Hey" crept into my ear, followed by many pecks upon my neck. I giggled in response to the shiver it gave me. I encircled my arms around him, breathing in his fresh sweaty, post-practice smell.

"Hi," I said,giving him a quick peck on the cheek. I soon felt his arms move slowly around my waist to my stomach moving in small circles. I felt confused. I looked at him, his eyes were set on my body, watching where his hands went. His hands began to move across my chest and then began to gently cuff the back of my hand and neck. My whole body shivered beneath his kiss. I felt myself beginning to rub my hands across his body too, desperately trying to feel what was under those skin-tight sleeves. I felt him move his hands down my backside and in one thrust pull me up into his arms, the whole time kissing. He carried me onto the bed, where I yanked off his shirt, my hands moving insanely across his torso and back. He sprinkled kisses on my neck as he thrust his body upon me, his hands lifting up my shirt, working on my belt buckle. In no time,my pants were bunching at my ankles and Erik's wasn't too far behind. Our shoes were already coming off, making rapid thumping sounds onto the floor. My heart was pounding in my ears, my passion grew with every second. I climbed onto him, straddling his waist. I ravished in Erik's moans as I ran my tongue across and down his chest, wanting to taste every inch of his sweaty body. He threw a hand onto my head. His fingers squeezed with every moan, fueling my already roaring flame of hunger. He gently pulled my head up to his, our lips devouring each other. Our legs rearranged themselves. My feet found themselves at the edge of the bed while Erik's legs crossed over my waist. We pushed our naked torsos together, lost in lustful desire, our physical manifestations rubbing each other through boxer brief barriers. From outside the room, sounds of a drawer opening and closing, a bed's rhythmic squeaking in synchronization with the heaves and moans of two voices echoed through the house, the dust of emancipated passion filling the air.

I woke up to the smell of sweat and and the last rays of the sun beating through my window. Erik's arms were around me, his chest pushing against mine as he breathed. I sank into his torso, breathing in his scent. It had felt as if had been so long since I've been with him. I'd missed him. I kissed his naked chest in rapture, making sure it wasn't a dream. At that moment his arms tightened. I looked up and my eyes met his.

"I have to tell you something." he said.


"I've missed you."

I couldn't help but smile. I laughed a little at the realization that this was the longest we've talked since he got there over two hours ago. I tell him I've missed him too.

We talked for awhile after about what's happened lately. He told me about practicing everyday and how it's really gonna be good for the next school year, and I agreed. I told him about the incident with my dad, and he freaked.

"Wow man. I can't believe it. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I am now. "

"Do you miss him?"

There was silence for a second. I gave a sigh, "I miss who he should've been. I miss the parts of him that he never was, but I don't miss him."

Erik must've sensed the sadness in my voice for he held me closer, comforting me. "Remember this Dave, it's his loss. Never think that it's your fault that he left. It's his own."

"I just felt so alone with his leaving and all--"

"You'll never be alone Dave, you've got your mom, and you've got Miranda, and you'll always have me."

I sank into him, my tears ebbing. I felt a sense of liberation. Freedom from the grasp of my father, as if in a way I had still been hurt by him, even when he wasn't there. I was free now, and my dad was out of my system.

That night me and Erik ordered pizza and watched a movie that he brought over. He stayed overnight, repeating his greeting card. That morning I woke up to him running around naked looking for his clothes, once again late for practice. As I walked him to the door (this time clothed) I'd noticed something when I glanced at the floor. It was as if ten black eyes were looking up at me against my light skin. Erik laughed at my wide-eyed expression as he kissed me goodbye and ran out the door. I smirked as I closed the door behind him thinking He got me back.

I walked back upstairs into my room and sat at my computer, random pictures of Inuyasha and Sailor Moon flashing across the monitor. I opened up a wordpad document, the white screen laying across the screen like a blank canvas to be painted. I put my brushes to the keyboard and began to type.

I knocked the razor out of his hand, cutting myself in the process. He looked at me. His eyes spoke sorrow and confusion. As I looked up from my bloody hand I met the face of myself. The eyes then spoke peace and resolution. The now smiling boy turned to me and spoke: Thank you.

The End

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