The One Moment

"Kat, come on! We're going to be late!" Adam nervously checked the clock as Kat had gathered her books for the next class.

"Sorry, I know you like english, I'm hurrying," Kat replied nervously as she rummaged through her locker for Romeo and Juliet. They had been studying the book for the last month and Kat seemed to have misplaced her book. Adam cautiously peered inside the locker, Kat had adorned her locker in art. Whether it was her own, or art she had admired, she had taped somewhere special. Adam pointed out a new piece he hadn't seen before, it was a sketch of himself during class. He gave a small grin as he pointed towards the new sketch.

"Hey Kat, when did you draw that?" He asked, a curious tone in his voice. Kat realized she left that particular piece up, her mouth hung agape for a moment before slamming her locker.

"Umm we better get to class, come on!" She muttered quietly as her face glowed. Adam gave her a curious look and followed suit. Kat tried to hide her face by keeping a few steps ahead of Adam. The last few years have now placed them in grade 9, the first year at a new school, new friends, but some things were changing. Adam had grown, his hair went from a moppish brown to spiked back. He'd gained a bit of a build as well, his broad shoulders made Kat feel a little smaller near him now. Of course he wasn't the only one who'd changed over the years, she'd adopted her own style, clothing, her bob-cut had now grown nearly down her back. She had feminine curves as well, she had gone bra shopping with Adam once. It was very cute how red he turned as she asked for his opinion on several articles of underwear.

They made it to class just as the teacher closed the door, as the two wayward students made it into class. Hushed whispers went about the room as they took their seats. Kat tried to ignore them, she knew what they said about her. They said those dirty words about her, because she preferred hanging about Adam instead of the girls in her class.

The class commenced without delay, the next scene of Romeo and Juliet began to be read aloud. Adam had chose to read Romeo's part, at that Kat's hand shot up to read Juliet's. There was a group of snickers as the teacher selected Kat to read Juliet, Kat gave Adam a nervous smile as they began reading.

As Adam read Romeo's section about true love, Kat didn't realize how cute Adam has gotten over the last little while. Hearing him talk about true loves kiss, she wondered if she could find someone who would care for her like Romeo. A thought flickered in her mind, what about Adam? Her best friend all these years, could she honestly think of him as anything different.

Could she?

Kat snapped back to reality as she realized Adam had finished reading his part of the script and the rest of the class had eagerly awaited hers. She could feel her face flush red as more snickers echoed through the class, Adam wasn't laughing. He looked towards her, a mixture of confusion and concern. Something inside Kat stirred again, she didn't like Adam just as her best friend, but something more? She tried to read the next verse, her voice barely came out above a whisper. Kat's vision blurred for a moment, did everyone know how she felt now? She couldn't focus her eyes on the page anymore, the laughter about made it even worse.Trying to hide her embarassment she quickly grabbed her books and excused herself to the washroom.

Kat left the classroom without another word, the instant she rounded the corner she collapsed against the railing. Could she be in love with Adam? No, that can't be.

Can It?

Adam came around the stairwell and nearly fell down the stairs as he caught Kat huddled there. He slowly sat down beside her, concern in his eyes. He was really close to her, "Hey, are you allright?" Kat nodded quietly, her voice slowly returning.

"Yea, I'm sorry, just, things," Adam nodded, he was used to Kat and her answers. He gave a smile as he quickly took out something from his backpack.

"Hey, well how about this to get your mind off things!" He held out a new black notebook for her. It held a simple silver star on the cover, it was a silent promise between the two friends. Every time one of them filled their notebook, whether it was Kat's sketching, or Adam's writing. The friend's would buy another book and leave something in the cover, Kat greedily grabbed the notebook from Adam. Paging to the front cover, she found Adam has written a new short story.

"To my Princess"

Kat smiled as she wrapped her arms around Adam, her usual demenour returning, "Thank you Adam!" He grinned as he returned the hug.

"No problem, still up for Street Combat tonight? Mom made Pizza tonight." Kat nodded, in the last few years. She had slowly agreed to come by Adam's house to visit every once in awhile. Adam's family loved Kat, his Mother, Mary had taught Kat the facts of bra shopping. Adam never pressed the fact he'd never been to Kat's house, it didn't seem like a big deal anyways.

"Of course! Tell your mom I'll be there around seven," Adam nodded, he didn't care, Kat was at least coming to visit.

"Ok, see you tonight!" Adam got up to leave for his next class, the rest of the day seemed to pass in a blur as Kat waited eagerly to see Adam tonight.

Dinner at Adam's was always pleasant. Mary asked the two how was their day, Adam was careful to skip over the detail of the hallway. After dinner, they went to the basement to play video games. Kat swore she could catch a sly grin shared between Adam's parents as they went downstairs. 

Video games was as always, Kat could beat Adam at the fighting games. While Adam did better with the co-operative games, the choice for tonight was the new street brawl game Adam had been given as a gift for good grades. Kat grinned as she had declared another victory for the night, she mimiced her characters blowing a kiss victory stance. Adam laughed as he tried to tickle Kat to catch her offguard.

She gave a squeal as she brought her arms down to protect her sides. The two tumbled off the couch in a heap of laughter and blankets. Kat rolled onto her back as Adam landed atop, the laughter stopped. Kat realized how close she really was to Adam right now, they had stopped playing. She saw something different in Adam's eyes, something, deeper. She slowly reached her head up to meet Adam's lips, she felt Adam's hands slowly brace himself over her arms. Her pulse quickened as she pushed Adam off, it was how he held her when she disobeyed.

Kat got to her feet, a mixture of hurt and fear on her face now. "I'm sorry Adam, I-I," she said nothing further as she ran up the stairs. Mary noticed Kat running out the door.

"Sweetie, your sketch book," she called out to Kat, but Kat wasn't going to listen. She ran until she got to the hill, the only thing racing through Kat's mind was the fact that she nearly kissed her best friend. Instead of her first kiss, she pushed him away and ran off. All because of him!

She pulled her knees up to her chest and sobbed, Adam probably hated her right now. She noticed a white car pull up to the hill, Mary got out of the car. She slowly walked over to Kat, holding a heavier jacket in her arms.

"Katherine, sweetie, I think you should put this on." Mary tried to move as slowly as possible. Last thing she had in mind was to scare Kat further.Kat sniffled and took the jacket and wrapped herself in the fleece hoody. Mary sat down beside Kat and placed an arm around her, "Adam didn't hurt you did he?" Kat shook her head, she stammered a reply.

"No, no, never, Adam has been nothing but a prince to me! I I was going to kiss him, but instead-" her voice trailed off as Kat realized what she was about to say. Mary gave Kat a look of panged helplessness. Mary prayed she didn't think what was going on, but somehow it felt like that was the case.The next question was the hardest thing Kat ever had to admit to.

"Kat, did someone hurt you?" Kat broke down in tears. Mary didn't need an answer at that point, she held the trembling teenager close. Mary chose the next few words carefully, "Sweetie, I can't tell you what to do, just know Adam cares about you, and we do too. If someone hurt you, come to us." Kat didn't say anything further, she just continued to sob in Mary's arms until the sun rose.

The two adults broke the kiss after what seemed an eternity. Adam looked into Kat's eyes.

"I swear Kat, I wish I knew," Kat shook her head.

"I had to face my demons first, both my own about him, and my fear about letting you in," Kat knew back then Adam was going to be important in her life. She just didn't know how important until he was gone.

The End

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