Lonely City

The city slowly yawned into her view, the skyscrapers at first. The realization her journey was slowly coming to an end brought a mixture of emotions to Kat; some good, some bad. 

They all lead to Adam, at this point, she wanted to try again. She wasn't even sure where to begin, where was Adam? She wasn't even sure where to begin her search, all she had was a number. 

There were the letters she always wrote to his mother, the two of them were close for awhile. She still had the return address on her, reaching into her canvas bag she sorted about for a moment before finding her address book. Leafing through the pages, she found the address scribbled under the important section. 

The bus finally pulled to a stop as Kat had a path determined. She would find Adam's parents first, talk to them, and see if she can see what they would say. 

She walked down Main, these were where all the quaint little shops used to be, how many times did her and Adam browse the cute little trinket shop together. Maybe the bookstore, the time they were in the dusky section with all the old fairy tales. She told Adam he would find his books there one day, then-she felt herself blush at that particular memory. 

The city moved on without her, the cute little shops were all torn down now. She smiled as she saw the old coffee shop was still there, how many times did they spend an afternoon there working on their crafts? Adam working on a particular story, or striking a pose as she sketched him. 

Farther along, she saw a gathering of people around a standalone coffee vendor, he looked like a nice old man. He was there with an older woman, she guessed was maybe his wife. They were talking to the regulars, they just felt, very warm; real to her. She waited in line with the rest of the patrons, a young girl was ahead of her. She turned around as her mother stared forward, the girl looked astonished at Kat. 

"Wow, you're very pretty. My names Cindy, what's yours?" Kat pulled her hat a little farther over her eyes as she felt her skin turn a bright crimson. She stammered for a moment before responding. 

"Kat-, my name's Katherine, Cindy. It's a pleasure to meet you," The little girl beamed as she turned around and tugged on her mother's dress. The woman turned around and met Kat's eyes, she peered at her for a moment before turning around. Maybe she knew her at one point? The line moved up until Cindy and her mother were at the front of the line. They ordered a coffee as well as a hot chocolate, the mother rummaged about her purse for the money. She apologized as she continued searching for her wallet, Kat took a twenty from her purse and placed it on the counter. 

"I've got this, and one large coffee please," The woman smiled at Kat this time, thanked her and gave the hot chocolate to her daughter. 

"Bye bye Katherine!!" The elderly gentleman looked at the young woman for a moment. 

"Say Miss, yer not one of my regulars, from out of town?" He showed her the selection of syrups and sugars available as she took a few packets of the raw sugar blend. 

"Actually, I'm moving home. I've missed my home, and the people here," she stirred her coffee as the vendor gave a small chuckle. 

"Well sounds like you could use some friends, I'm George, this is my wife Anna." He extended his hand as Kat lightly touched his hand before returning the shake. "I tell you Anna, we see so many interesting people. You see the real side of people when they're waiting in line. Just like that one young fellow, for the last year he orders the same coffee each day, but I finally got to meet the real part of him just weeks ago. I don't know what got into him, but he quit his job, said somethin' about being a writer." Kat perked up at mention of a writer. Maybe it was Adam? Did he actually quit that PR job? She thanked George as she realized she needed to get going, the thought of Adam finally getting out of that pit was a sign. 

She found Adam's parents quite easily, their home was on this cute little crescent. They had repainted it since she left, but the roses in front of the house remained. She had some exchange with Adam's mother after the falling out, before she left the city. Mary, his mother had told her she can write her if she's lonely. 

She must have stood outside the door for ten minutes, afraid to knock on the door, afraid if maybe Adam was there? Finally the door swung open, and Sam nearly walked right into her. He looked at her for a moment, he wasn't sure if it was her or not. 

"Katherine?" She couldn't respond, Sam, was more of a father to her then her real father ever was. She could only nod for a moment before rushing forward to hug quite shocked man. He wasn't honestly sure what to say at this point. Kat was a good kid, if anything good came out of her family; it was her. He didn't say anything further, just held the trembling girl. He just stroked her hair as he turned his head towards the kitchen towards Mary.

"Mary, put on a pot of tea, we got a visitor," Mary came out of the kitchen drying the lunch dishes and nearly dropped the cup. Katherine was here? Did Adam know? The girl looked like her old self again, except for the sobbing part. Mary sighed to herself, poor dear, she got sucked into the whirlwind of fame so easily. She had a bad family life, the agent just had a bad feeling about him, but she seemed to always keep shining through it, she felt Adam had something to do with it. Those two were inseparable, even before they started dating. Mary had a hunch they'd eventually figure it out on their own. When Katherine left, it created a void in Adam. She didn't know what to say to fix it, the boy had gone through a share of empty relationships. For the first time in years, he seemed happy, honestly truly happy. 

"Go handle the tea Sam, the mint jasmine is on the top shelf, let us girls talk," Sam gently released Kat, she gave a small sniffle as she looked towards Mary. She noticed the girl was dressing like her old self again, thankfully. Those model clothes never suited her very well. She had a natural beauty those clothes never could capture very well. They sat down in the living room while Sam prepared the tea, she noticed Kat was dancing around the question she wanted so badly to ask. 

"So Katherine, dear, are you back in the city?" Kat nodded as Sam brought her the tea. 

"Yes, I-I didn't like that life very much anymore. I really needed to get where I belonged again, with those I belong with," Sam brought her out the tea, gave her the tea. He mentioned a few business calls and it was great to see her again. He left the room, Sam knew that this was something his wife could handle far better then he could. 

"Mary, is Adam, allright?" Kat asked quietly, she wasn't sure if she should ask about Adam yet. She knew she had no right to ask about him. However, that was her reason to be here. She had to find him. 

"Of course dear, actually he's been himself again. He was talking about publishing a story the last time he was here," Kat perked up, he was talking about writing again, it had to be the man George had mentioned now! She couldn't contain her excitement at this point, it began as a whisper back at the shoot. With each passing experience, the whisper grew, now it was a roar. 

"Can, can I go see him?" Mary tried to stifle a laugh, even after all this, she was still the same polite girl. 

"I think he's been waiting for you, here's his address. Did you want Sam to drive you?" She nodded, Mary got up embraced Kat, as she felt her arms wrap around her. She whispered in Kat's ear, "He's home now, just tell him what you are feeling, and leave the past behind." Kat didn't say anything but stepped outside as Mary went to get Sam to drive her..

The trip to Adam's flat was almost a blur, Sam had started idle chit-chat, but Kat was far too distracted with what was going to occur. They pulled up to a large concrete building, she had the suite number written down. She nearly crumpled the paper up with anticipation, this was it. She bade goodbye to Sam as she walked up to the building, finding Adam's suite number, she pressed the button. It took a moment, then a voice crackled over the speaker.

"Hello?" Kat licked her lips before responding. Should she be funny, casual, or - she stopped for a moment. 

Just be myself!

"Hi Adam, I'm here.." There was no further response, but the solid click as the security door was released. Kat stepped inside, this was it. Her heart was beating so loud, her palms sweaty, this was it. She knocked gently on the door, this was what her journey home was all about. Maybe she was truly home now?


The End

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