There goes my Hero...

Kat stared out at the bus stop. She was getting closer now, each passing city got her a step closer. She reflected back upon the thin, rail-like girl who had ran off her set in what seemed an eternity ago. 

Now, she had clothes she felt, well herself in. A sketchbook full of new memories, a small girl who offered to pose for her, a street musician who was playing for his dinner, the blues man, even the girl at the book store she thought was cute in a mousey way. Her memories of the event still played out. She had to admit, her confidence in Adam was wavering, all this time she tried calling him, and every time, it was just a message. 

Maybe there was a girl removing those messages?

Did she maybe need to leave a way for Adam to call her?

She remembered the fight that finally finished their friendship. It seemed like a lifetime ago they said those stupid words.

It will strangle you until that damn tie is so tight you can't breathe!

You're so fake!

She was back on his family's back porch. All those years ago, she had gotten the offer to model for Athena. She was leaving this town behind, she just had a fight with Adam. 

A flood of memories surged through her, their first night together. How scared she was, the feeling as Adam's heart beating against her chest as they gave into their passion, their love for each other. The warm morning that greeted them, the soft caress as Adam gently ran him arm down her side.

His mother's dinners, memories of her dventures at cooking with his mother, the fallout of those attempts, those nights spent being held by Adam. He promised he'd never give up on her, he promised!

She stopped herself at that point, she was being selfish. Where was she when Adam worked all those late hours for his story? Went through all the editing, and submitted the story for publication. 

A photo shoot in Detroit? 

She wasn't there for Adam, he wasn't jealous of her, she abandoned him. She had just begun her modeling career, and spent less and less time with him. Then the rejection letter, how disappointed he acted. Like everything rode on that letter, and when she got the offer to go to Paris. It was like a dream come true to her, she was free of this town!

Then he got the PR job, spinning stories for fat celebrities, or politicians that had the money to lie. He was stuck, he chose not to follow his dreams but to settle on being just there. 

Then when she told him, she was so excited about this job. About getting out of this town, she came to a halt when she realized the look of hurt in Adam's eyes. She didn't realize the damage she did to him, or what he wanted to tell her that night. 

She felt worthless, it was never about her? Maybe she was wrong, maybe she doesn't deserve Adam. She changed to who she was, but was this what Adam deserved. A burned out model, now trying to look like the girl next door. 

Maybe he was just deleting the messages himself, Kat dropped her backpack as she felt her legs give out from under her. She sank into a park bench, maybe she should just call her agent, and ask for her job back at this point. 

She buried her face in her hands, letting her mind wander again. She remembered the first date in high school, and the movie Adam took her to. It was a vampire movie, she was bored out of her mind, but the time spent with Adam was what mattered. 

She slowly got to her feet, she had to call Adam one more time. If he didn't answer, this time, maybe it wasn't meant just yet. Just something Adam, please, she pleaded with the phone booth as she heard the empty ring, then Adam's message.

"Kat, I got your messages. I'm here. I'll be waiting. And... I'm sorry. I'll see you soon."

She dropped the receiver, her jaw agape. He's hearing her, her smile could have stretched from ear to ear at that moment. She fumbled for the phone for a moment.

"Adam, I, it's me. Please wait for me," she tried to search her mind for the words this time. She couldn't even remember what she wanted to tell him. "Adam, I'm sorry too, please. I want to be friends again, and maybe more. The last time I felt safe was that night, you remember it too. I'm sure, the first night we.. Were together. I felt safe. Please let me feel that one more time..."

Kat hung the phone up as she began to make her way to the bus depot, her journey was rapidly closing. Soon, just a little bit longer, she would finally be home. 

The End

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