From the Ashes, The Goddess Reborne

Jessie sighed to herself as she ran the next vapid girl through her till. She enjoyed her job at Lady Rose, but some customers just were so, well fake. They had their selection, everything from designer labels, to the simple and casual stuff.

The owner believed the shopper should be able to choose from a Goddess or simple and beautiful. Jessie felt the simple sometimes had more weight then those designer opposites, nothing wrong with them. However, she felt it was a little unfair she couldn't afford the clothes in her own store. She looked at her watch, another three hours, damn.

Another girl walked in, she was pretty, very pretty. Jessie had to admit, but she looked like she spent last night under a rock. However, she had a glow about her, something, well real. She put away the clothes she was folding and walked over to the girl. 

"Hi, welcome to Lady Rose, I'm Jessie. Can I help you find something?" The girl looked at her and gave a shy grin.

"I'm looking for some new clothes," she looked about. "Those look nice!" She walked over to the casual racks, Jessie was confused. This woman was dressed in expensive designer labels, top of the line heels, but her eyes, were very different. They looked more humble, with a bit of warmth. She quickly followed the young woman to the rack, the young woman looked her again.

"Oh, sorry I'm Kat, umm this looks nice!" She took out a lovely denim dress, had a nice little slit up the side stopping mid knee so the wearer could walk without a problem. "Could you hold this please?" Jessie smiled as she realized who this girl was.

"Oh wow, your that Kat aren't you. The model, you look so, wow in those shoots." As she continued to talk about her latest pictures. Kat gave her a slight frown.

"I'm sorry, I used to be that girl. I'm kind of trying get home," She didn't say anymore as she pulled out a nice pair of canvas shoes. "I, I mean I used to model, you'd probably see them about. Usually Athena products, you know the Goddess lines? I-I really didn't like them that much. Do you have these in a different size?" Jessie took a look at the shoes, plain black canvas shoes? Why does a girl like this need these? She walked to the back room to find the proper size.

Returning with the proper size shoes she gave them to Kat, she noticed several heavy pieces of jewelry about her. She wondered why did this girl want to change from looking like a goddess, to, well, normal.

"Can I ask something? Why are you in the middle of nowhere, in a store that specializes in, well average clothes?" Kat gave her a look as she held the denim dress against herself. Smiling as she folded the dress over her arm.

"Did you ever have a dream, where you can be anyone else? Someone who stands out, who demands attention?" Jessie nodded, she herself always wanted to be a model, to command attention of everyone. Kat gave her a small smile, "Well, I had that, but I didn't get the attention of the one person in this world I didn't realize I had all along. Now I just want to be like everyone else again." Jessie wondered who this person was, had to be a man in this girl's life, and one for the books.

"Who is this guy?" She asked, wondering, maybe he was someone famous, maybe this girl knew some small town boy now a legendary rockstar.

"He's a writer, and my best friend," she smiled as she picked out a simple maroon shirt. As she pulled a casual she noticed the heavy silver bracelet on her hand, frowning for a moment as she unclasped the heavy garment she looked about for something else. "Do you have something, well, real?" Jessie thought about it for a moment, she sighed as she shook her head. All they had was the nickel plated stuff. She paused for a moment, there was that lovely hemp stuff in the cart out front. 

"I know where some really nice hemp stuff is, after this I can take you there. It's just a little cart out front, I got a break coming up," Kat grinning sheepishly at her.

"That would be great, thank you."  Cassandra gasped as she saw a simple necklace on a model. It wasn't anything unique, but it was a simple silver pendant with a gear on the end. She remembered Adam's first story he tried to get published, about an inventor in the Victorian age, what did he call the genre? Steampunk? Yes, that. He got so close, she bit her lip when he got the final letter. It crushed his spirit when he was rejected, he was so close. Shortly after that he got his job at the firm, where he wrote all those stupid PR stories. She gave Jessie forty dollars and told her buy her the two bracelets she thinks suit her. Jessie nodded as she ran off to the hemp cart after setting up her change room. Kat selected a modest underwear set before dashing into the changeroom. 

She found two bracelets, and an ankle tie with the word "Phoenix" on a cute copper tablet. Kat wanted to start again, what would be more perfect then a phoenix? She paid for the items, and returned to Lady Rose. The first sight she had was Kat now in, well something that made her feel more at home. Jessie had to admit, the designer clothes she was wearing previously did nothing in comparison to what she had now. 

Kat smiled at herself in the mirror, a simple more adequate smile, and smoothed out her denim dress. She gave the heavy silver bracelets to Jessie and took the items. She smiled at the ankle bracelet and tied the hemp bracelets around her naked wrists. 

"Perfect! Thank you!" She gave Jessie an energetic hug. Drawing the gear pendant around her neck, she attached the silver item. Finding a simple cap and a canvas purse, she quickly transferred what little items she had into the humble item. 

"How much do I owe you for all this?" Jessie nodded as she quickly ran through all Kat's purchases. Giving off the total Kat drew out several large bills and placed them on the counter. Jessie gave a curious look to the expensive jewelry and the designer bag along with the clothes. 

"What about those, that's alot to just leave behind." Kat smiled again as she ran her slender hand over the gear pendant. 

"I don't need them, give them away, can you tell me where the nearest payphone is?" Jessie gave her a warm smile as she pointed out the closest phone. Kat gave her another hug then walked out, Jessie couldn't help but notice the warm glow the girl gave off as she left, not like the Hollywood falsehood she had when she came in. She took a look at the high price items on the till, she thought about taking them for a moment, then promptly tossed them in the throwaway pile. If this girl doesn't need these items, why does she?

Kat smiled to herself as she walked along, she was just like everyone else again, albeit she noticed she was definitely attracting more attention now then before. Why not? She felt, well real again, for the first time in years. She felt real, she had to call Adam!!

Dialing the number again, she felt each time a little more natural, not as afraid. The number rang through, message again. She silently felt thankful, at least she didn't need to worry about talking to Adam yet.

"Hi Adam, it's me again. I'm in the next stop, I found this lovely store. I bought some clothes there, a denim dress, it feels so, well wonderful. Several other nice clothes as well, I feel, well just like everyone else again! I also found a silver necklace with a gear on it. Looks like it may have been from a clock, remember when you nearly got your story published? The main character gave his love interest a polished gear from his first invention? So part of him will always be with her. Well I got part of you with me now, I just hope you are getting these, I.." her voice stammered. "I'll be catching the next bus in a few hours. Adam-I-" She hung up, not ready yet. She was still trying to get ready for Adam, she wasn't ready just yet. 

She hung up the phone and left for the depot, a warm smile crept across her face, she was slowly finding that girl who left years ago. Now to find her best friend.

The End

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