The Ballad of Fallen Angels

Kat roused from her slumber, she groggily opened her eyes as she heard a guiltar softly strumming behind her. She chose to spend the night at the bus depot, her bus would be leaving tomorrow morning and she didn't want to spend a night where someone would be looking for her.

She noticed the blues man from before lazily strumming a tune, she eagerly listened as he continued his tune. He finally looked up at her, she quickly averted her gaze. He gave a small chuckle, "You like?" she nodded softly, "I call it the Ballad of Fallen Angels," He put the guitar down. "Name is Keith," he extended a hand to her. She gave him a puzzled look.

"I have seen you before, you're name is Sylver isn't it?" The blues man gave a hearty laugh. 

"Sorry Miss, you heard my stage name. Adds a certain mystique," She didn't look very impressed, "Sorry, that line usually works." The young woman stretched her legs before standing up. 

"Maybe for the other doe-eyed girls in this city of liars, but I'm on my way out," She didn't pay any further attention as she checked her watch and gave a nervous to the entrance of the depot. Keith gave a lazy look over his shoulder at the entrance.

"Going to take a stab at this, but I'll wager you aren't waiting on a white knight to show up?" She didn't look amused, this girl was a tough one to crack. "Can I ask you a question sweetheart? Why do you look like you want to get out of this bustling metropolis so badly?" She tried to soothe out a wrinkle in her black miniskirt, but only resulted in wrinkling her nose as she tried to pull the skirt down. 

"I-I am trying to go home," She stammered, "I'm trying to find my best friend and tell him how I really feel." Keith raised a curious eyebrow, as he picked up the guitar again.

"Really now? Does this mysterious lucky chap have a name?" He gave the girl another look over, if it wasn't for the fact she's just woke up in a bus depot. She could be a real looker.

"Adam, his name is Adam, and I'm not sure how lucky he will be to see me," She looked at herself, "I don't really feel like I can be the girl he wants," Keith began to play a simple tune as he continued to listen. 

"I-We used to be close, he took a job that I knew wasn't him, I became something he didn't like, I-I used to model, I recently quit," He whistled a low tune as she continued on. "I really don't know how I can even get to him. I figure buy a bus ticket and see if something works for me when I get to him." She wondered to herself if he didn't find a new life while she was gone. What if he found another girl and totally forgot about her? Keith smirked as she wrung her hands in frustration.

"I'd say this is a very lucky guy to have you Miss, maybe you should call him and tell him a memory you two share, sure he'd love to hear something of the past. My best ballads come from the memories of a beautiful past. Think the blokes home right now?" Her eyes brightened at that, the bus!! She remembered the first trip they took on the school bus. She grinned, gave Keith a hug before running off. 

She quickly put a quarter in the payphone as she rattled off Adam's number. The phone rang, as his machine picked up, she waited for the beep, taking a deep breath. She began to recall a favorite memory of hers.

"Hi Adam, it's Kat, again. I am at a dingy bus depot, waiting on a way home, a way home to you. Do you remember Adam? When we first met on the school bus, they made us sit together. I thought you were gross and had cooties," She laughed softly, "And you thought I meant you had bugs all over. I felt so bad after that, but we had lunchtime together right. You said I was allright for a girl, and you told me that story of knights, princess' and dragons. Even at a young age, you were a master storyteller, I hope you still use your gifts. I'm hanging up now Adam, please, if you get this message..." She sighed to herself as she hung up, she didn't know what to say, but it was time to get a bus ticket. 

She quickly walked over to the bus terminal, a squat older man glared at her. "Where to?" She gave the address, he punched the information into the terminal, "Four hundred and seventy three, cash or credit," She fumbled with her tiny purse, producing her credit card he ran the number. He frowned as the machine gave an angry beep, he took a pair of scissors and neatly sliced the card in two. 

"Been reported stolen, sorry" Kat felt like she was about to cry, her agent had the card turned off already? She knew he was furious about her walking off the set, but wold he really make her life this difficult. At that note, her bank account may not be very safe either. Adam, no, she had to see him. Now! She returned to her seat and sunk her head between her hands, she held back her tears. 

She wanted so desperately to cry, but not now, Keith gave her a puzzled look as he took the seat beside her. "You allright?" She shook her head.

"My-manager he cancelled my cards. I can't back to Adam, I'm stuck here!" He looked at her for a moment before reaching into his pocket.

"Here you go Princess, consider this thanks for giving me an idea for a new song," He placed a large bundle of bills beside her, the money from his last gig. He really didn't need that money anyways, it was a show he played for the memories. It was the place he got his first breakout gig, maybe it was fate to be here now for this girl. She gave him a puzzled look, she gingerly took the bills, almost expecting him to demand something of her. "Just one more thing, I don't think your Adam would like to see this girl of his dreams dressed up like a girl a guy like me would try to take home." 

Kat looked at her clothing, the same outfit from her shoot. The next town she would find something more comfortable. She sprung up and hugged Keith as she ran back to the till. 

This was the first step, she was on her way home, to her Adam. Please say he was waiting for her. Keith smiled to himself as he watched this girl run off, the Ballad of Fallen Angels, very suiting.

The End

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