So Far Away

The rain continued to fall without any relent as Kat continued her lonely walk along the sidewalk. She could hear hushed whispers as two teenage girls pointed towards her and a sign above her head, a girl advertising a make up that promises to unleash the "real you" she hated how fake her smile was. She needed something to block this out, she spied a man waiting for the bus in a nearby shelter, his headphones isolating him from the rest of the world.

She approached him, gesturing to her ears he took his headphones off, "Can I help you?" She nodded, almost reluctant to ask.

"Can, can I buy your music player? I need to go somewhere far, and-and I could use something to listen to" The man gave her a puzzled look, he took the mp3 player out of his pocket and gave it a once over.

"Why? Fine I guess, 200 bucks," She quickly reached for her money clip, producing several hundred dollar bills she placed a bundle in his hands. He looked at the bills in confusion then placed the music player in her hands. "Wow, thanks, enjoy."

She didn't respond as she placed the headphones over her own ears and pushed the play button. A haunting melody began as she continued to walk.

Every time I touch you, I feel so far away..

The song echoed through the headphones on Kat's ears as she decided the bus was her best way to travel. Less people would know who she was, maybe they just wouldn't care?

As she entered the bus depot, the dingy station gave a sickly pale glow as the flickering fluorescent bulbs lit up the major corners of the station.

My lifes been wasted..

She sat down beside a familiar face, the blues musician she saw at the club after she ran out of her shoot. He didn't pay her any mind, just kept tapping out the familiar melody on his guitar case.

"What do I have do to? To make me forget about you...?"

She thought back to that afternoon, what she really wanted to say to him. How different would things have been in they kept to those promises made so far ago. If she had looked beyond her own heart, her own eyes, and look into his instead.

She still remembered that day, she ran away from him. Tears streaming down her face, as she tried so desperately to erase him from her mind.

She saw her face on a newspaper an elderly woman was reading. She hated it, she hated how fake she had become. Her life was up on display for the rest of the world, each part of her body was sculpted and altered to make her so perfect. Little did she know, he always thought she was perfect.

She was plastic, and she hated it.

She sat in the bus depot, wondering how would she get home? She needed to find Adam, she wanted to fix things, they both said some really bad things to each other. Since that day, she has felt like part of her was missing.

"All of my memories keep you near.."

She remembered her final words to him before she walked away, "There's nothing in this town that matters to me, I can't wait to leave this wasted life behind," She remembered the look on Adam's face, when it hit her like a tonne of bricks, he called her here to tell her something. "A-Adam, I'm so sorry." He looked as if there was something he desperately wanted to say, but reconsidered it.

"Whatever," That was it, whatever? Maybe he wasn't her best friend after all. That was the least of her crimes to Adam, would he be able to forgive her?

Those answers would be found in time.


The End

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