Run Away


I choke.

She hides her face.

My confusion

Overwhelms me

When I realize she must

Be a student at Chandelle.

“No one is supposed to know,”

She whispers softly.

I don’t bother to ask why

But I do ask

Why she left so fast

Why she didn’t tell me her name

Or who sent her.

I asked her how she’d feel

If someone saved her life,

And she didn’t even know their name.

“Where are they?”

I ask.

Somehow I know

She’ll know who I’m talking about.

“Go back home

And they’ll be there.”

I open my mouth

To tell her they won’t be

But somehow I know she's right.

I turn to face her,

To ask her a question--

But Courtney took the time

To run away.


The End

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