I walk into the room.

Mom’s mission trophies sit proudly on the shelf.

Pictures of my mom, dad, and me sit all over the room --

In Russia, France, Germany, Asia, Egypt, Greece

And other places around the world.

Graded papers, mission letters, and envelopes

Are stacked neatly around the room.

“Willow! Oh my God, you’re safe!”

Mom exclaims as she comes in the door.

She runs over and gives me

A big bear hug.

I breathe her in

Thankful that I’m alive to

See her again.

“A girl came.

Saved me,”

I whisper softly.

Mom just smiles


“You shouldn’t have left,”

She says.

I am silent at this,

But I know she is right.

“Now I have a meeting,”

Mom shoes me out.

I turn and leave,

Shutting the door quietly,

Wishing mom cared more.

The End

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