I wake up

On a cold

Concrete floor.

My hands and feet are

Bound together

With rope

My mouth covered

With duct tape,

And my eyes covered

With cloth.

Using an old trick

Of my mom’s,

I push my way

Across the floor

Feeling for a piece

Of glass,

But am unlucky.

I try to recall last week’s

Operation lesson,

My mom‘s familiar voice,

Explaining how to

Break free from ropes

Without supplies.

All of a sudden

I know what to do.

I slide my thumbnail

Slowly across the rope,

Slicing it one strand

At a time.

After twenty



Minutes of striving,

My hands are free.

I rip the duct tape from my mouth

And take the cloth off of my eyes.

Using a special technique

I untie the ropes that bind my legs

And I’m free.

The End

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