shattering silencesMature

I'm not sure yet. I never am.

Silence is shattering. 

The house resonating in it's emptiness, I lay on my living room floor, the lights dimmed. A stick of incense burned in the corner of the room, and the small ember reflected dimly off of my once twelve, now eleven, string guitar. Staring out of the window at the street lamps that lit the night and the dark pavement, I wrapped my arms around myself, as if it could physically hold myself together. I closed my eyes as the pain took over. The feeling of an already broken heart shattering twice, an already empty soul breaking apart. The pain that becomes a numbness. The tears came as I sobbed unrestrainedly. My phone lit up and I blinked away the blur, and gasped for air between sobs as I tried to read the message. 

"twin, are you ok? fuck, please..answer me, hun. i need you to live, i'm begging you." 



The End

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