My throat was burning, my legs were stating to stumble and I was sure my lungs were in the process of shrivelling up and dying. But I had to keep moving. I had to push past my limits. Just a bit further and you'll be safe, I thought. I couldn't let them catch me. My feet crunched and scattered the gravel underneath as they carried me swiftly to the field. I forced them to dig into the soggy brown mud, willing myself to stay upright and stable. I couldn't afford to fall, not now. Not when they were so close behind me. As if I had summoned it, the sound of quick squelching footsteps grew alarmingly loud, frightening my poor thrumming heart into an attempt to pound its way out of my rib cage. I panicked at the heavy breathing practically down my neck and picked up my pace, sprinting aroud the last corner. I'm gonna make it! And I smiled, collapsing on the damp earth as I crossed the finish line, in first place.

The End

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