Homecoming (Incomplete)Mature

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Subject: Back home in SaMo

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Santa Monica, Long Beach and Santa Cruz (altogether:P)

          Nateboy and I spent the weekend in our parents’ houses. I tried to explain the whole situation to my older brother who worked as a patrol officer what was going on without wanting him to freak out or arrest me. Aaron shrugged his shoulders and just said “You guys should be more careful.” My ass, motherfucker! Oops that’s kinda weird. We ended up fighting for this shit, but he explained that the LAPD won’t really care and that the gang probably paid them off. However, we should watch our backs because if we get caught, we’ll be doing ourselves some pretty bad time. Oh, and also “Don’t tell mom & dad. You’ll be fucked.” Fucking great! I asked for Aaron’s help and he said he’ll see what he can do. *sigh*

          Nateboy sent me an e-mail to tell me how he handled the situation. In his words: “I got beers for the family to cool down the environment and try to break the facts down. Katy ended up crying and hugging me. She was scared shitless. Mom on the other hand couldn’t decide if she should kick me out of her house that Saturday. Miraculous!” As you probably already have guessed, it went bad for both of us. Big boy over there kinda did worse than me, so yay! I won.

          But anyhoo, we decided to go back to Nate's place. Aaron guessed that they wouldn't have stormed the place, so we fearlessly reunited around the block Nate's place was on. He seemed puzzled and was smoking when I arrived. He wore that ugly ass white t-shirt with the tie design on it. He's sooo 2009, you know?

"Hey bro" he greeted.


"What's up? Got your shit together after the Little Johnny incident?" he asked as he threw the cigarette and stepped on it.

"Fuck you man, I was angry okay?" I replied.

"Well he's now one of us whether you really wanted it or not."

"What are you saying?" I asked, confused.

"Well, as we were walking to the car, the cops saw us" Nate sighed. "They saw his face, so now he's running along with us. We gotta keep him clear of the Rattleshits though."

The End

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