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From: Nathan White (

To: Eric Carter (

Subject: Little Johnny Colden

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Santa Monica, California

Ryan’s lying to you he’s just 2 bored 2 rite lol. Ok, so it’s up to me now.

          I remember Johnny was a shy, but very nice kid. Ryan always hated him because he liked my sister ever since we knew him. And truth be told, Ryan gave him hell for that. Having grown up with me and Katy as well as his older brother Jack, he is very protective of her as if she is his own sister. I hated Little Johnny too sometime in High School, but then I kiiiinda grew up. I bet Johnny is still terrified of Ryan somewhere deep down hahaha. That’s why Little Johnny mentioned being beat up. Ryan then gave him a look of a weird mixture between surprise and contempt. “Where the fuck have you been Little Johnny?” I asked. “Well you’re not little anymore, but fuck it.”

Johnny made that weird awkward hand gesture that he did when he’s nervous. “Well” he said. “You know, college!”

“College, huh?” I asked again. “What are you studying?”

“I uh, I’m studying history” he replied.

Ryan then joined the conversation.

“Ha-ha, funny” he said. “I never expected you to study history.”

“C’mon give him a break, Ryan” I interrupted. “Are you serious? It’s been like almost ten years.”

“Well, it depends” Ryan immediately replied. “Does he STILL like Katy?”

Little Johnny then gave me a guilty smile. I burst out laughing and gave Johnny a big ol’ hug. “Oh boy, I missed you J! This guy right here is great for my sister” I said while pointing at him. “Wanna come up for a beer?” I suggested.

          Ryan dug his face in his hands. “For fuck’s sake Nate” he disapproved. “You know what Ryan?” I said. “You can happily fuck off” I finished and jokingly slapped him in the back of the head. Little Johnny shrugged and said “I don’t know man, you sure there’s no problem?”

Ryan was about to say something, but I interrupted him before he could speak. “Yeah bro, c’mon let’s go!”

          Back at my place, Ryan did that stupid face he does when he wants to bitch about something, but he holds it back. That shit was hilarious. I made Little Johnny some coffee and got me and Ryan a beer. “So, tell us Little J” I started. “Who were those guys back there?”

Little Johnny examined the cut he received on his forehead. “Jocks” he said. “Someone stole their football equipment and they think I did it!”

I laughed.

“Trust me man, you’re not the only one falsely accused of theft!” I said. Ryan laughed too and actively participated in the conversation.

“Are you fucking serious?” he chuckled. “Oh man!”

“What happened guys?” Little Johnny laughed too. Johnny was a trustworthy boy. He was never a snitch, not even when Ryan bullied him. Ryan nodded positively to me.

“Where should we even start?”

          Little Johnny carefully listened to the whole story. He was shocked to hear everything. “Wait, what the heck? Were you on the news?” he asked. “Yup” I replied. “Oh my God!” he gasped. Ryan and I both burst out laughing. “Yeah, things are pretty fucked up” Ryan said. Little Johnny took a more serious face. “Guys… is the police after you, still?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t know man. We shook ‘em off for some time, but I think they’ll be back.”

“Oh… well I better go now…” Johnny continued. That moment, Ryan’s pistol fell from his pants. Johnny gasped. I ran to the boy and tried to calm him down. “Hey, hey, Johnny. Look at me. It’s okay, alright? Don’t freak out, it’s none of your business, we keep you way out of this thing” I said. Johnny was troubled. “B-but-”

“Shhh. Calm down now” I insisted.

“Okay… what now?” he asked.

“Well” I inhaled. “You can either go or hang with us a bit more if you want.”

“Or” Ryan inhaled too. “You can grow a pair and help us out with this shit.”

I looked at Ryan, puzzled. “What the fuck are you talking about? He’s just a kid!”

“Well so am I!” Ryan shouted. “But put your little brain to work and remember what I did back there.”

“Don’t even start with that shit. For fuck’s sake Ry, you almost shit your pants!”

“At least I was a part of this! It was my first time, okay?” Ryan stopped to breathe. “Johnny, if you want Katy to be happy, you gotta help us” he finished. Holy shit I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“How?” Little Johnny seemed to be allured.

“By keeping her brother and cousin alive!” Ryan shouted.

“No Johnny don’t” I interrupted. “Ryan shut the fuck up god damn it!” I lost my patience too. “You’re not dragging this kid down with us! And all Katy wants is a cute guy, not a killer!”

“Well then that makes you the perfect fucking figure!” Ryan snapped. Oh man, what’s gotten into him?

“Guess what? You’re no better, you little shit” I replied.

“Okay” Little Johnny interrupted. “I’m gonna go now.”

          I got up from the chair and gave Little Johnny a firm handshake that almost broke his fingers. “You made the right choice” I said. Ryan sighed. “Let me drive you home, Little J” I suggested. “Ryan, you stay here and get your shit together. What the fuck man?”

          When we got downstairs, Little Johnny looked puzzled. “Look, Little J” I said. “I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but don’t take it the wrong way, he’ll be fine.”

“Come on Nathan, I know him” he replied. “We grew up together!”

“I know. Just never get your hands dirty for someone else’s dirty work, man. The streets are vicious bro. Look what we got ourselves into, even by accident.”

Little Johnny nodded. Then, I noticed a group of police cars driving down the Wilshire highway next to us. “Ohhh fuck..” I sighed.

“What?” Little Johnny asked.

“So much for having a choice” I said and pointed behind him. Then the cops exited their vehicles “You! Stop right there!” a man commanded and then inhaled, with a burp (!). “Put your hands on your uhhh… head, and stand right there!”

What the fuck? Was he drunk? Anyway, I grabbed Johnny by the collar of his t-shirt and rushed to the blue convertible. Little Johnny freaked out.

          We hastily got into the car and I accelerated rapidly. There were lots, lots of them. I had to go outside of Santa Monica to get clear. “Nate! Nate! What now?!” Little J shouted. “Hang tight, kid! Think of it like a race! If we get clear we win; if we don’t, well we’re fucked!” I replied. “Thanks!” he said. That kid was a good time for sure! I tried everything to get away from those dudes. They chased us from Santa Monica all the way to Beverly Hills and Venice Beach in circles, but they fell back somehow. I was literally going with 30 MPH. As driving down Beverly Hills, I heard the overly tired cop rage quitting from behind. “Pull over your vheehicle…” he struggled. Oh man he surely was drunk! “Pull… over… the MOTHERFUCKING CAR!” he shouted. He mad! I laughed all the way. Johnny looked at me, very puzzled. He probably thought I was a psycho xD.

          I decided to call Ryan. “Ryan!”

“Yeah, what the fuck do you want?”

“I’m kinda in the middle of a cop chase, so please pack your shit and leave before they think to check the place!”

“You fucking serious? Okay, I’m going to Long Beach for the rest of the week” Ryan notified and hung up. He was going to his mom in case you were wondering.

“Plull over the veehicul…” the cop tried so hard.

“SHUT UP!” I shouted.

“Don’t maaake this worse” the cop said before he lost control and crashed into a fucking palm tree! He got messed up!

“Nate! Faster!” Johnny demanded.

“Enjoying the ride kid?”

“Hell no!”

I laughed and turned left to an alleyway and waited for things to cool down. Reinforcements should be on the way, since the dumbshit cops tried to help the crashed dumbshit-ier drunkard.

          Little Johnny was white as shit and shaking. “Nate? What on Earth happened?” he asked. “Looks like the police still doesn’t like me, kiddo” I replied. “Yeah, no shit!” Little Johnny uttered. Whoa! A swear word by Johnny. What a weird occurrence!

“Watch your tongue, Little Johnny! No bad words” I notified.

“Very funny Nate!”

A couple of minutes passed by and I slowly drove out of the alley, just like a normal Sunday driver. I dropped Little Johnny at his house and gave him Ryan’s second bandanna. “Don’t let them see you, Little J! Be careful and if you need anything, give me a call” I said. He wore the bandanna and lowered his head, fearfully and awkwardly walking to his front entrance.

I decided to go to my mother and Katy in Santa Cruz, since Ryan went to Auntie’s. How the Hell should I explain all this shit?




-Nathan White

The End

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