Days Spent On The RunMature

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Subject: Days spent on the run & the great escape

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Santa Monica, California

          Hey, I’m sending this from my old e-mail address. Don’t even ask, dude. Nathan created this for me about 10 years ago back in Junior High... Alright so let’s jump right in.

          About two weeks after the murder incident, we just stayed home and hoped for the best. Cops were looking for us and we hardly ever left home. When we did it was just to buy some food. And drinks (of course!). The news flooded with headlines about the robbery and murder, man. We were getting so sick of the following introduction; “Two Caucasian males are suspected for the murder of Hao Tanaka, a convenience store owner.” In Nathan’s words “Two whiteboys are being chased by the pigs for the butchering of an Asian professional ball-scratcher.” Nathan is always Nathan. Interviews of his wife aired in every channel, with her describing the scene with every little detail. How the hell did she even remember our clothes?!      Nathan was having a smoke on his laptop, probably playing Minecraft and I was having a beer watching the same news over and over-_- Nothing seemed to change. I’ve been ignoring my friends’ calls for parties and I kept my head down this whole time and Nathan did so as well. Oh man who just skips parties like that, you feel me?

          Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Police. Open up!” a man barked like a fierce fucking dog. Everything ceased to move.

“Open up or else we’re gonna have to bring this door down” he continued. “Chill out man they may not be here” another voice said. “Shut up Sanders, he’s dealing with me now” the other policeman shouted. I muted the TV and made a grimace of anguish. I went to Nate and tapped him on his shoulder. He took his headphones off and almost shouted; “Whassup? Why you looking like an idiot?” Loud and clear, well done Nate.

“Shhhh! Shut up!” I whispered and prompted him to lower his voice.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“It’s the 5-0 dude!”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He whispered.

“We gotta get out of here, bro.”

“No shit man, what are we gonna do?”

The police knocked more fiercely on the door. “Open up or we’re gonna bring this door down!”

I shrugged. Nathan sighed and whispered something. “Oh it’s that asshole again”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Forget it, let’s go” he said and opened the window beside him to the back alley. He then jumped out and waited for me. I hesitated for a bit; that was crazy. He opened the door to his blue-mobile Mini Cooper and turned to me. “You comin’ or what?”

          That’s when I heard the door starting to bust. “Fuck my life man” I muttered and jumped out and into his blue Mini. The small engine roared like a very angry kitty and we drove off, hoping to reach Nathan’s apartment. Entering the beach highway, Nathan looked at me and winked. “Brace yourself” he said. “It’s party time” he finished and turned on the radio. “Lemonade” was on! We looked at each other and smiled. Oh it was party time! Nathan lowered the roof and we both put on our aviators. “Sunny, happy with the music, no money” we started to sing. Hell, we both loved this song! “Thinking you’re on holiday, sipping yellow lemonade!” we continued and we both waved our hands in the air. After all we were in Cali, baby!

          The music rocked on and the hot girls with their surfer boyfriends danced along to our song in the boardwalk. “All hail the blue-mobile!” I shouted and opened a can of beer. Even the palm trees waved along to the rhythm, god dammit! As we dimly heard police sirens fading more and more, Nathan turned the volume down and drove faster. Even though the dumbshit cops were heading towards an opposite direction. We knew they were looking for a blue Mini Cooper; you can’t miss an ugly piece of shit like this! “Party’s over, pal” he said as we reached his apartment. “Better hide the car in your garage dude” I suggested.

“Thanks, Sherlock”

“You’re welcome, Watson”

          Nathan gave me the keys and told me to make some scrambled eggs until he parked the car. That’s all for that day. The next couple of weeks we just laid low, but we slowly gave up on it, since things weren’t too tight. Nate will keep you posted next cuz I’ll be at my aunt’s! We’ll contact you soon, Eric! Take care x


Ryan Surdley – RS

The End

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