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A four way collaboration featuring Starwarsfreak117, Nosirrah, EchoOfInsanity and DTMN.
The four nations, Elves, Men, Dwarves and Halflings, have discovered the secrets to the Runes in a modernized fantasy world. Where rumours begin to surface of a Master Rune, that could alter the paths of history. Now the four nations must face off to gain control of the strongest rune to ever grace the world.

The Congressional Association of Librarians lay in the heart of the kingdom of men, its fortress like walls made mountains look like hills, its towers beckoned the underbelly of clouds, whilst the inside could make the richest kings jealous. 

Despite the ravenous expense it would have taken to build the fine home of the Librarians, it was famed for what it held, rather than how it was held. The fine carpets, strong wooden paneling and gem stoned chandlers would prove to be the first chamber of many distractions if the fortress were a mine of treasures, for the real treasure would require thousands of men to carry, and thousands more to protect. 

The books, scrolls and ancient annals of older civilizations lay within the crevices and dungeons of the Librarians fortress. The numerous records and enchantments were portals to previous lives, giving the scholars brief views into the ways of those past, from those of the fallen men before them, to the Elves, Dwarves and even the Halfings. 

Nyt Daorlonn was a Librarian on the youthful side of life. His strong face and lean body made him a typical offspring of man. His oakly hair teased his lower back in the lightest winds, whilst his sculptured facial features, combined with oceanic eyes, could cause the fairest of maidens to fall victim to his natural spell. 

Rhys, a fellow Librarian, called over to Nyt, who was sitting comfortably in an old arm chair - book in hand. "Where did you last see that scroll on summoning servant imps?" 

Without raising an eye from the leaves of the book, Nyt pointed, with his free hand, towards a stack of two dozen ageing scrolls. "Third from the bottom right." Rhys issued a thank you to Nyt and resumed his work. 

The Librarian dressed mostly in robes, rarely varying in any shape, but the colours tended to change more often than the sun should set and rise. Today a multitude of earthly oranges, greens and browns dotted the cloth with colour. 

Rhys looked up towards Nyt again, a puzzled look upon his face. "Is it true?" 

Nyt raised an eyebrow, before locking eyes with his friend. "Is what true?"

"All that Elvish nonsense about runes. Some even whisper that you wear one." 

The Librarian scoffed. "If runes did exist, do you really think we would have to read these ancient scrolls all day?" 

Nyt rose from his seat and strolled, book still in hand, towards the door before concluding, "runes are nothing but fiction." 


The Librarian was rooting around in one of several pantries, searching for the cheese. "Why do they always move it? Every damn time." He pushed a box of Hisilton mushrooms to the side. "I left them right here. I should get my own pantry. That would work. With my own lock!" 

The head cook sauntered into the pantry. His round belly bounced with each step, his face looked like a baker just took it from an oven, very red from the heat in the kitchen. "Ah Mr Daorlonn." He scratched his ginger beard, "to what do I owe the pleasure of your unexpected company?" 

"I'll offer you a trade Coquino, you tell me the location of the Proculian cheese, and I'll supply a grand conversation." 

The jolly cook pointed a stubby finger towards the top shelf. "Harder for the mice to get it up there." He chuckled to himself. "Obviously harder for you also." 

The pair walked from the larder and back into an emptying kitchen. It was mid morning, thus the breakfast was finished, yet still to early for lunch preparation. Nyt began slicing the cheese. "Care for some?" 

The cook hesitated for a moment, before patting his belly. "I've eaten enough of this kitchens stock." Chuckling he walked over to a set of shelves above the massive oven. "Have you seen this gadget yet?" 

Nyt raised his head, and to his curiosity Coquino was holding something resembling a black pot. "It looks like any normal pot." 

"Oh but it isn't. For you see if I open this hatch here at the base, little pieces of coal can be put in. A large fire is not needed for a fine brew of Elegans tea ever again. Shall we?" 

Nyt nodded. "Nothing beats a fine brew Coquino." 

The End

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