A Runeclathian Christmas SpecialMature

          When the light faded, they looked around.

          “What the-”

          Snow fell from the sky onto the streets. In front of them, a huge tree stood in front of them, adorned with glass objects and contained fire. Ash was the first one to speak up.

          “Zya... why does that tree have stuff all over it?” He said awkwardly

          “I don't know... why would someone adorn a tree?”

          They heard laughing behind them, Zya turned swiftly

          “I see you two don't understand Christmas” said a young girl, about Zya's age. Her skin was pale, and her hair paler. She wore a dress that looked like it was made out of the snow around her.

          “Christ... mas?” Asked Zya, confused how she could wear such a revealing dress, given that she was shivering in her robe.

          “To shorten it up, it's a day where people give things to others they love”

          “What does that have to do with adorning a tree? Do they love the tree so much that they give it stuff too?” Questioned Zya

          “Well... It's complicated...” She looked down at Ash, who was shivering. “What's your name, little one?” she asked calmly

          “Ashkii” He said timidly, staring into her blue eyes

          “That's a new name. My name is Elsa” she said. “Is this your mother?”

          “Sister” Ash and Zya said in unison

          “Sorry” she laughed “We should get you two in and warmed up, you're not dressed for this cold”

           You're one to talk thought Zya

          They followed her to a house at the end of town, seeing the town along the way. The houses were covered in snow, but from what was uncovered, they were made out of bricks.

          “Where is this town?” Asked Zya

          “I see you two are not from around here” she said, opening the door and ushering them in “This is the town of Gelida, very few people live here now”

          “I wonder why we were teleported here, of all places?”

          “Teleported?” Asked Elsa

          “Sorry, it's a long story”

          Elsa started a fire in the fireplace, which warmed the whole room. Zya and Ash walked to it and started to warm their hands.

          Suddenly, a giant roar could be heard outside. The sound shook the walls of the building

          Elsa looked up, a look a dread on her face.

          “Oh no...”

          “What's wrong?” asked Zya

          Elsa rushed past her as if she didn't hear and opened the door

          “Jack!” She yelled to the snow covered landscape

          “Already on it” a males voice yelled

          “Ash, stay in here” Zya said before running out with them.

          Zya saw a giant ice monster, about the size of 50 houses, crashing it's way around the town.

          The ice monster stepped down and demolished a house.

          “This isn't working” cried Jack as they tried to attack the monster with their magic.

          “Stand back” Zya called to all of them. She took out her Ankh and swung it over her head

          “Elemental attribute: Fire” She yelled

          The Ankh glowed a bright red and burst into a red flaming ball of light, which slowly traveled to Zya's chest. The light started to engulf her. Her outfit changed into a gray body suit, her hair darkened and started to let off steam. The light blasted from her hands and feet, revealing flaming lava boots and gloves.

          “Woah” Said Jack and Elsa in unison

          Zya ran towards the monster, blasting away it's foot with her fist, which caused her to fly backwards, which she landed on all fours, preventing herself from falling.

          The monster staggered backwards, and looked around for the source of the blow. Seeing Zya, it roared at her, sending sickles of ice flying everywhere, even towards the others, like sharp daggers.

          Jack and Elsa created an ice barrier which defended them from the blows.

          “We'll protect Ash, don't worry about us” Elsa called out

          Now it did it. Zya didn't like it when the monster endangered others. She Pounded her fists together, which set her whole body on fire, and turned her hair into flames.

          The monster made it's way towards her, roaring.

          Zya punched the ground, sending her flying into the air. She rose above the monster, then pounded the air, causing thrust that sent her flying towards the monster from above. She brought her fist back, which glowed white hot

          “Eat flame, motherfucker!” she yelled, pounding it's head in. A large firey shockwave burst through the monster, causing it to explode.

          Water spewed everywhere, appearing like rain. Zya dropped to the ground, landing on all fours, panting heavily and sweating. Her appearance changed back, forming back into the Ankh.

          “Nice work” Said Jack, appearing next to her.

          “Thanks” she said breathlessly, taking jacks hand for support.

          “Where did you learn magic like that?” Elsa asked, appearing next to him

          “It's a long story” said Zya with a smirk

          Suddenly, the ankh started to glow again

          Ash grabbed Zya's hand

          “I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to go” she said

          “Thanks a ton for your help, please do come back” said Elsa

          “I'll try” said Zya with a smirk. Her whole body and Ash's were engulfed in light, and suddenly, they were gone. 

The End

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