Chapter 2.2Mature

 They walked into the woods. The setting sun glistening over the tree's. They headed towards their favorite batch for harvesting. It wasn't too far out of the way of the village.

Zya stopped by a willow tree and took out her blade she carried with her. The blade was made out of sharpened clay stone, and worked wonders for carving long strips of tree bark for medicinal purposes.

Willow bark helped alleviate pain, which is what Zya had plenty of. She suffered from constant headaches, and only this would help it go away.

She carved away several strips and added them to her pouch, and went on to the next tree. Ashkii was busy trying to shoot down pinecones with his slingshot.

Once she was finished collecting, she called for Ashkii so they can walk back home. By this time the sun has set completely, and the moon shone bright streams of light, making the forest path easy to follow.

They exited the forest, showing the field and path to the village bathed in moonlight. It would be beautiful for any outsider to see, but was second nature of Zya.

Ashkii yawned, his slingshot dangling to his side.

“We'll be home soon” Zya reassured

They walked down the path, hearing the sounds of crickets in the breezy yet warm night. The houses along the path were small, nobody really used their houses for anything except sleeping... well, there were other things they used it for...

Zya arrived at her house. A small wooden shack on the edge of the town. Her and Ashkii walked through the door. Ashkii almost immediately ploped on his bed and fell asleep. Ashkii rearranged the sheet. Their beds were made out of straw covered in cloth. These were the most typical of bed in the village. Easy to make and comfortable.

She tucked herself in and stared at the ceiling. She was exhausted... but sleep still did not come. She hated insomnia.

She simply laid there for several hours before finally drifting off into a stupor. Her eyes drew heavy, and soon her brain was forced to shut down, allowing for a little bit of rest. 

The End

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