Chapter 2.1Mature

 *Slice* another bushel of wheat was separated from their roots.

*Whew* She sighed, wiping sweat from her brow.

“How's the work going, Zyanya?” said a voice from behind her

“Quite well, Chief. This is my 37th basket for today. I'm going home after this one though” responded Zya, depositing another bushel of wheat into her basket.

The Chief patted her on the back “It's good to know at least some of our workers get the job done.”

He then walked away to check on the other workers. Zya cut one more bushel of wheat and added it to her basket before lifting it up.

She brought the basket to the old dried-up well, where they kept the grains until they were needed.

She then decided to head home for the day. She walked down the hill, past some of the other workers. She tended not to talk to many of them, and tonight wasn't any different.

She walked past the gate, making sure to close it behind her. Despite her hard work and the glow of the setting sun, she wasn't quite in the mood to head home yet, so she walked towards the woods.

“ZYA!” yelled a small voice from the distance.

She turned around, but she already knew who it was.

“Zya!” repeated a small boy, probably around the age of 8-10. “Look what I made!” he said with glee, holding out a small but workable slingshot. It looked like it was made out of rubber, old cloth, and a broken tree branch.

This was Ashkii, his parents died of disease when he was younger, and he had no caretakers. But he was quite the adventurer and loved to wander out on his own.

Zya took care of him for the most part, kinda like an adoptive big sister.

 “That's awesome, Ashkii” She said with a smile. She decided to take him for her walk, besides, she needed more herbs. Ashkii usually roamed the woods anyways, searching for berries or other foods to bring home. 


The End

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