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Zyanya is just a regular working-class girl from the Tribal Sector. A world she has always known, lacking in technology and filled with hard manual labor. She works in the field daily to help out.
One day, she has a dream. But is it? As the dream transcends reality, she is thrust into a world of magic, technology, and adventure. As the wielder of the Ankh, it is her sole responsibility to save the universe from impending demise, and bring order back to the lands. Will she make it?

 **This story is a conglomerate of Shirker Entertainment, but is written solely by Lucy Walcott**

A strong, burly hunter made his way down the hall. A sense of urgency filled the air as he went to report to the Master.

Never nervous, never anxious, just a message to pass on information, and the main assassin in times of need.

His boots clamped down on the floor as he passed another office floor. On his way to the staircase that would take him to the Master. The workers would stare, but never stray from their work. It was a hectic time, and slacking on the job was not an option.

He walked up the starcase and knocked on the door. A very low yet sinister voice rang out

“Come in”

The Hunter walked inside, taking in his surroundings, as he was trained for. A young girl, early-twenties, lay on a heap on the ground. Must have spoken out of turn again, thought The Hunter with a small grin.

“I have the Reports, Sir” he said “The Chousen are starting to stir”

“Do you have the location of the Ankh yet?” said the Master, a dark cloaked man. “It is of utmost importance that I find it before the third moon”

“We are closing in on it's location now sir, but it'll take more tim-”

“We don't have more time!” snapped The Master. “Get it for me before the end of day tomorrow! THAT, is how much time you have”

“But si-”

“Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal, my lord.” said The Hunter, bowing out of the room.

Less than 36 hours to find and collect the Ankh, how does that ass think I am going to get it in time?

The hunter pushed this from his mind as he continued forth back down the hall. His strides slightly longer in his frustration. He didn't pay attention as the worked once again stared as he walked through the room, and down the stairs.

“How close are we to finding the Ankh?” said the Hunter as he walked into the Research Center.

“Almost, we just need to get a larger signal. We know it is somewhere in the tribal sector, but we can't make a move until it activates.” Said one of the several researchers, typing away on their keyboard.

“Damnit... We don't have time to wait!”

The End

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