A girl called Rune has lived with pain her whole life - will she ever fight back, or will she live in a state of surrendor forever?

Rune fell to the floor, broken. The blow to the back of her head had made her disorientated – her reaction to the pain was slow, even though it was severe. She crawled to her knees and reached up to the back of her head. Her hand came into contact with something warm and wet – blood. Her eyes were screwed up, attempting to fight back tears. Even at times like this, she refused to show weakness. She always held her own.
    “You brat,” said a voice, cold and scathing from behind Rune. She didn’t react. She just took a few deep breaths, then stood up, and turned to face her attacker.
    “Please let me go,” she whispered, her voice low, emotionless.
    “Fine. Get out of my sight, I don’t want to see your ugly face again. Get out.”
    Rune followed her orders to avoid further harm, and swiftly left the room. She was heading for the bathroom; she needed to clean up. Her hair was matted blood, and some of it was drying quickly.
    There was no hot water – instead she took a freezing shower, shivering, hugging herself to attempt to stay warm. Rune didn’t shampoo her hair; she knew from experience that it would only sting and anger the injury. She just let the water, cold as it was, run down the back of her head and neck. It sent a chill down her spine, but she didn’t care.
    All she could think was ‘when will it stop?’

The End

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