Runaway Dreams

Moonlight was steaming in from my window, I traced the rectangle shapes of my blind with my finger on the wall. Apart from this, the room was completely dark, my clock was ancient and ticked the seconds away noisely. The hours were counting down as I waited nervoulsy for the alarm to go off, waking me when I was already awake. Tick, Tick, Tick! The clock echoed, the sound bouncing off my desk and bed and everything else in my room. There was a darker shadow in the corner of my eye, and I turned my head quickly towards it, my eyes wide. Something was glowing from the shadow, a dark emerald green illuminated my pale skin. Run Sarah! The voice in the back of my head screamed, yelling at me to move and run to the door, try to fight this thing over there. Quickly I swung my legs around, landing my feet neatly on the ground without making a sound. A feirce growl came from the creature, it's head had reared up from the dark and it was studying me, just sat there staring. My guitar was by my bed, maybe I could...No Sarah! Just run! RUN! The voice was louder now, drowning out my own thoughts as I tried to quickly think of what to do. In the end I followed the voice and ran for the door. I was too slow, I could feel it's claws scraping at my back, tearing my pyjamas to shreds by even the gentless touch. I could hear it roaring in my hear as it crawled on my back, the weight of the thing suffocating me slowly, it's claw around my throat, crushing it. I couldn't breath, it's hot, stinking breath brushed through my hair, my throat was almost closed over, I tried to roll it off, nothing was working. My eyes were closing, my head was thumping as the blood tried to go round, pounding against my ear drums. I tried to scream and the world went black.

I sat up, tearing at my bed sheets, trying to escape the black void under the covers, sobbing in loud chokes as I tried to calm down. I burried my head deep into the pillow, as if I was trying to dig right through the floor. Soon my sobs subsided and I sat up, red faced and sweating as I looked around. It was still dark as I looked in the corner, nothing was there and relief rushed through me. It wasn't the first time I had that nightmare, it came almost everynight, although I knew what would happen, I could never wake up before I suffocated, trying to claw my way out from under it. Nobody I told knows why I hvae the dream, I get used to the thought of it, but then I have it and it feels like it's real. The clock beside my bed is more modern than the one in the dream, it doesn't tick and now it said in bold letters 5:30. Great! I'm not even menat to be up for another hour and I'm going to have to spend it sat doing nothing. The floorboards in the house creak so there's no point in getting up, Stephanie would probably complain in the morning. I don't get why my dad married her, she's 5"9 feet of pure evil. Of course, like everyother classic dad, he doesn't realise, to make it worse, along with a new 'mother' I also got Abigail who's Stephanie's 'darling' daughter. I guess after a while of thinking, I dosed off again because next thing I knew, the alarm was ringing in my ears and hopefully waking them.

The End

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