It's about Keeli and Megan going to a new high school as boys cause they're hiding from a load of evil dudes and Sayer, Thierry and the rest of the gang go to the new high school as well but a few months later and they don't know Keeli and Megan are there as boys. And Megan's secrets are revealed.

Tokyo, Japan

Magics High School

Magics High School is for everyone but people who don't have powers only know the school as St Matthews High School and they don't know anything about the true name only a hand full of people know about it and nearly all the students are normal but there is one or two guardains there but no one knows about them only Megan knows that but people will find out soon.

"Hay Megan we are nearly there so cut your hair all ready" said Keeli dressed in a light blue blazer with a white shirt, black tie, black trouser, shoes and her hair is short dark brown boys haircut not to short and the same for Megan but her hair is in between dark and light brown hair.

They are traveling in a coach and are going to the school as boys "this should work no one will know" replied Megan, "so what about the dorms?", "oh we have a private dorm for us" "nice one, but...." "but the boys aren't here, thats what you was going to say" "yep".

The coach came to a stop "we're here, please mind your step when you gey off" said the coach driver "thanks" replied Keeli and Megan, the coach left.

Keeli and Megan was both standing out side the school "wow it's huge" "yer, the teachers said we don't go to class til tomorrow" replied Megan

"nice one, hay look someones coming" one of the teachers was coming to meet them

"hello welcome to St Matthews High School, please follow me", Keeli picked up her cases and started walking (the driver put there cases there before he lefted).

Megan was just about to follow but "hay i need to talk to you now Megan" whispered the teacher. At Dale's and Laim's dorm (Keeli and Megan) "This is your dorm, Dale your room is here" he opens the door into a posh, new room, it is blue,white and is a neon colour after the teacher leaves.

"Wow very nice" said Keeli putting her suitcase on the bed "please make your self at home, i will show Laim to his room" said the teacher closing the door "please follow me Miss Barton" he said staring at her then started to walk, Megan followed him.

"Why are you using my name like that someone will here" said Megan walking down to the magics dorm "i need to talk to you, please come in here" replied the teacher opening the door to the magics dorm.

He closes the door then "safelock" he put a safelock spell around the room so no one can come in or listen to what they are saying. "I'm sorry about bringing you here", "why has anything happened" "no but here is two thing that you have missed" he picks up a box and pulls out "Jinx, Luna!!!" the two cats jumped towards Megan and she hugged them.

(Jinx is a black cat with a long tail and a bow on its tail and round her neck with a bell and Luna is also a black cat but with a yellow crescent moon on her head)

"Miss Megan why are you using a different name for the past 12 years?", "its so the gang doesn't find out about my life, i don't want to hurt anyone" said Megan turning away, the cats jumped down onto the table in front of them,

the teacher walked over to Megan "i know you don't what to hurt anyone cause of who you really are but" Megan turned to face him

"your powers are growing and we are all here to look after you, so don't worry about it no one is going to know", "yer you're right but why is Luna here Julian?"

Julian looked at her knowing why "i'm sorry i'm not aloud to say it's to soon and Luna came from your home country" Megan thought why he couldn't say, but then she realized why but wasn't sure if she was right

"thats fine but why are you a teacher?", "i maybe the same age as you but i'm not a normal teacher, i'm a magics teacher but also a student", Megan smiled

"oh, your dorm is in the next room", "but i'm far away from Keeli, i thought i was in the room across from her?", "yer but you have two, one next to Keeli and one in the here it's so she doesn't find out your a guardian duh", "hay you can't talk"

Megan hit Julian round the head, "ouch, hay come on time to take you back Liam", Jinx and Luna followed them.

Back out side Liam's dorm 

(Megan's dorm)

"Well this your dorm" Julian opened the door, it was a light blue, a bit of light purple, white furniture, mirror, cream carpet and cherry blossom flowers (Sakura) Megan's room is the same as her over room but her over room has more things and a bit different "wow this is nice", "it fit your style", Julian looked at his watch.

"oh i got to go, Jinx will stay with you but Luna will come with me", "why???", "Keeli knows about Jinx but not about Luna" "yer, Luna be good and see yar late", "Luna up" Luna jumped up onto Julian's shoulder "see yar late and if there is any problems or just need to talk i'm here", "thanks" Julian closed the door a disappeared down the hall

Megan put her bag down on the bed and went to check on Keeli, she walked out the door into Keeli's room arcoss the hall, Jinx followed after. When she opened the door Keeli was a sleep on the chair (small sofa chair) with her laptop, coffee and her phone on the table, Megan smiled it's better that she doesn't know anything about me or she would have gotten hurt by now she thought picking up a blancket and putting it on Keeli

Jinx was sitting on the table, Megan put her arm out putting her hand on the table "Jinx come" whispered Megan, Jinx walked up her arm and onto her shoulder,

she pulled her hand away from the table and was about to stroke Jinx when.... she saw her dragon mark appear and disappear (her mark goes from her right hand, going around and up her arm, across her back and down and around her left arm)

What? she thought, turning away and walking out the door and back into her room.

This is not normal for her to have her mark show up this early but the is something that will make it appear......... It could be somethings coming but we don't need to worry about that for now.

The End

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