Chapter 1.3Mature

 "let me see that letter again," derek demanded to see what i was holding tight in my hands.

"derek, you've read it, like, a billion times. its a wander you havent memorized it yet!" i said, refusing to let derek read what had been sent to me. it was from my mother and for some reason, i held it special.

"she knows where we live. she knows about you, you're job and possibly caleb. we cant stay here. if she comes back we're done for." he said as he stood up.

"maybe she didnt send it! maybe she knows someone that sent it for her! derek please, you're not thinking this through!" i felt my anger rise as i sat on the edge of my chair.

"i'm the one not thinking rationally?! you're the one who wants to stick around here and just hope your mother doesnt come her. and if she knows someone that knows where we are she can find us just as easily! what if she comes looking for you and deciedes to take you back? what happens then? have u thought that part out yet?" he was getting louder and louder as his face became that of a mad lion. it was scary, but with the amount of adrenaline running through my veins, i didnt care.

"then just leave! take caleb and leave! no one asked you to stick around! and if youre that scared to face my mother then take caleb and run again!" i stood up to match him, but i was still a good 6 inches shorter than him.

he stayed quiet and said nothing. in that moment of silence, i saw his expression change from angry to understanding, from understanding to compassion... then it changed to something i had never seen him with. love.

"i would never leave you." he simply said as he caught my hands in his. he wrapped them around mine and looked down at me.

he took a step towards me and i mirrored him. we were in total sync. it felt as if that fight had never even happened. he bent over a little and i got on my toes, and right as our lips touched for the first time, the door to calebs room opened, woth caleb standing there with his bear wrapped in his arms.

"i heard screaming and i couldnt sleep," he said softly. 

i only looked at derek and he looked at me and we both sighed. - turned to look at calebaand smiled. one long night after another.

The End

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