Chapter 1.2Mature

December 10th, evening:

We lived in a little apartment that satisfied all our needs. We had food, water, electricity and so much more. We had furniture and a bathroom that worked, jobs and clothes and even had someone else living with us. He was about 6 now, and had dirty blonde hair with hazel eyes. He looked nothing like me or Derek, but we took him in anyways. He had been just like us. Alone on the run. We clothed him and sheltered him and treated him like one of our own.


Reading the letter in front of everyone was unnecessary. I decided to go into the bathroom and read it to myself.

Dear Christain,
It has been so many years since I last saw you and i i finally found someone that saw you. It's a relief that you're still alive and well. I hear you found a job and that your settled down. I'm relieved. I just hoped that you will reply and that you still don't hate me because of things that happened long ago.

You're Mother  Abigale

I read through the letter over and over again thinking that there was something more to it than what she had sent me, some other meaning behind everything, but no matter how many times I read through it, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. It seemed like a mother wanting her child to come home.

I finally decided to tell Derek about the letter during lunch and he had the same response I did.

"There is no way that letter is from your mother." he stated firmly as if he knew a hundred percent that it really wasn't from my mother. There was nothing else I could do but nod. 

We ate dinner in silence, not discussing the topic any further. I didn't want to talk about it in front of Caleb, so I just kept my mouth shut about it. It was the longest dinner I had in a long time.

When it was finally dark outside, and Caleb was tucked in his bed, Derek and I sat in the living room quietly and began to discuss what to do.

The End

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