A child on the loose! Shes a runaway from her very own father for her own sake. Her mother was killed when she was young and her only friend was Heather. A talking bird surprisingly. She has so many unknown powers she has yet to unlock and she hopes that one day she will return to her own little home up in the mountains, but until then Hazel remains hidden. Later she finds out that shes not the only one with mysterious powers, so following the path that leads her to so many more adventures, she

December 10th,

I have never felt so alone. I was nearly 15 and yet I have seen more of the outside world than most Americans. No one knew about me, and no one cared. No one took me in when I was lost or scared. I didn't listen to anyone and no one listened to me. It was total harmony. Everything just matched up like tiny puzzle pieces. I was the last one to be fitted in, and yet without me, so many other pieces would have been lost. It's like they say, 'you're just one person out of the millions. What can you do?'

My father and mother never cared. Growing up in a rich family, I got everything I wanted, and everything I didn't. It was like growing up in a fancy jail house. You couldn't do anything without being watched canstantly. Eyes would surround me as if I were some prized jewl that actually grew legs and could possible runaway... but that's exactly what I did. I ran away.

-day #39 [flashback]-

I found some bread at a bakery that had gone moldy. Food is food though. There's no changing that. A cute smile and a 'hello' was all it took to get it.

I walked up and down the streets of New York. I was hundreds and hundreds of miles away from home. Walking that far wasn't hard concidering that I took the main roads where there would be cities every 10 miles or so.

The only bad part about being on your own is that you get lonley and that you attract a little too much attention to yourself. Besides that, there really wasn't anything bad about it.

I was occasionally stopped by people wandering if I had lost my mommy, but I just said no and that I was going to get some food form the store. I wore fairly nice clothes, so it was all believable.

"Hello," this one little boy said to me one day. He was only a bit taller than me and had brown hair and blue eyes with a couple freckles. He was mighty cute.

"Hi," I said smiling. He looked a bit ruggedy, but I didn't see any harm in saying hellp.

"Are you a runaway too?" he said in a whisper.

"Why yes I am," I said. "I'm guessing you are too?"

"Yeah, my name's Derek." he grinned as he stuck his hand out at me.

"I'm Christian," I said shaking it.


It's been 3 years since I met him, and now, we live together. We found jobs and we started a new life. I had brown hair and blue-green eyes that were similar to his so we passed as brother and sister. We hadn't heard about any of our parents, but one day, when I went down to the lobby to get out mail I saw:

Letter to: Ms. Christian Rennil
From: Mrs. Abigale Rennil

Dang, I guess news traveled fast.

The End

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