The EscapeMature

I wake up in bed. The clock on my dresser tells me that it's now three in the morning. Dad must not be home yet, or I would have heard the screaming match between my parents. I consider going downstairs to make a can of soup, but reconsider. Knowing Mom, she's probably still up and drinking. Just because I don't hear her stumbling around in a stupor, doesn't mean she's asleep. On more than one occasion, I've gone downstairs to find her vegetating on the couch with the television playing in the background.

Dad's car pulls into the driveway. I pray that Mom is asleep so I don't have to listen to them fighting again. Dad doesn't like Mom drinking so much, Mom doesn't like Dad sleeping with other women. Every family has its problems. 

The front door opens and I hear Dad taking off his shoes. He's probably been screwing around again. Not that it matters much, because by now it's not a secret to anyone. I hear a second set of footsteps in the foyer. Apparently Mom is awake. I brace myself for the inevitable screaming match that they will have and hope it ends quickly.

It does.

Two gunshots pierce through the screaming. I don't know who has the gun and I don't really care. I throw open my window and muster up the courage to jump. Eighteen feet is a long way, even with bushes to break my fall at the bottom. Even if I do land badly, I probably won't die, but having two broken legs when someone in your house has a gun isn't a great outcome either. 

I make sure my phone is in my pocket and grab my bag off of my bed. It's still packed from earlier with all the essentials I'll need. I throw it out the window and then follow closely behind. 

My bag was light enough that it bounced off of the boxwoods underneath my window. I was not so lucky. My clothes and hair are tangled amidst the branches in leaves. I can feel fresh cuts on my face and hands from the twigs, but at least I'm more or less in one piece. I have to get out of here before whoever is still alive finds out what I've done.

When I can finally untangle myself from the bushes, I grab my bag and run, thankful that I forgot to take my shoes off earlier. When I'm in the cover of the woods behind my house, I call Kevin. He doesn't answer, but I tell him that he needs to come get me as soon as he can. I'll meet him at the E-Z Pump gas station. It's about three miles from my house, but I don't care as long as I can get as far from my house as possible.

I cut through the  woods to the main road and start walking. One of my knees hurts from the fall, but hopefully it's nothing more than a sprain. When I get to the gas station, I go to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit before Kevin arrives. It would be embarrassing to get in his car covered in leaves and dirt.

When I'm done cleaning up, I call him again. This time he answers. He says he's on his way and that he noticed my voicemail when he got up to use the bathroom. I praise my good luck and sit outside the gas station until Kevin arrives.

The End

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