"It's not really as bad as it seems, you know."

"Huh?" I look up at him. When did I become so quiet?

"It's not really as bad as it seems. Your family I mean."

"Really? My family could be a Springer show. Make that an entire season of the Springer show."

"Everyone thinks they have a fucked up family. You're not that special."

"Gee thanks. Seriously though, you have no idea. Mine definitely wins the most dysfunctional category."

W compare notes for a bit. Arguing over who gets more points. The conversation comes to a lull. We both start laughing. 

"So where am I taking you?"

I take a deep breath and look out the window.

"We can't drive around all night you know." 

"I know," I say, realizing for the first time how late it is. 12 pm. Mom would expect me home in a few minutes. It was time to make a decision. Did I really have the guts to run away? Mom would find me I'm sure. She'd call the cops again, make a big scene of it. It was no use. I couldn't run away. I had to face it. My family may be messed up, but they're still my family right? It's never as bad as it seems. I send a text to Audra to let her know I won't be needing a secret hideout. 

At least not tonight.

"Fine. Take me home," I say.

"You sure?" Kevin says.

"Yeah. If it's not as bad as it seems."

He smiles, squeezes my hand and turns the car down my street.

The End

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