Runaway - finding out and falling outMature

A girl who finds out her mother is having an affair after promising to be faithful. The girl runs away until her mum confesses all but whilst she waits she fals in love with the boy she meets and moves in with

 Finding Out


Kathleen was an ordinary teenager, who absolutely adored loud music and creating new styles, which soon became the latest crazes. She loves helping out in local charity shops and soup kitchens.

One evening Philip went out to play at Five's Bar. It was Karaoke night and he was infamous for his rendition of Stings classic 'Fields of Gold'.


Back at home meanwhile. Kimberly was eager to get her three sons out of the house. She had two sons from a previous marriage, which did not work because her ex husband was quite a violent thug.

She was eager to get the boys out of the house. She said, "Go have fun boys"; she gave each of them a 20 note. Two boys took the money and ran, but Jason her eldest said

"Mum its fine I’ll stay home, I'll get Kelsey over"

"OK 40 take her out for a meal and a nice night out"

"Thanks mum but would it be ok if I brought her back home tonight"

"Not tonight!"

"OK see you later"


The clear sunny evening swiftly changed to a hazy dusk, and that’s when he arrived...


He was Kim's toy boy love affair from the office. This affair went on for 'literally' 2 - 3 years.


"Hey Lover" he said as he came through the door

gI am in the Kitchen honey" "No one's home''


He came through the door to see Kimberly lying in a sultry licentious pose. She looked like she was about to tear the shirt of his back.


Kathleen shut up shop and headed for home unaware of what was happening at home. She entered the house quietly because she did not want to wake the boys but did not know mum had sent the boys out for the night. She went into the living room and to her surprise and shock, she saw her mum in a horrifying position.



Kathleen shrieked, horrified, "What in Blue Blazes is going on" "No wait hold that thought I don't want to hear it". "Kathleen was so horrified she ordered Mum's toy boy out so she could have a rant without being berated by two adults. He collected his clothes and made a speedy exit before getting another boot in the backside.


"How could you mum, how could you cheat on..." a lump appeared in her throat and her eyes started to water heavily. She dried them quickly and continued "How could you cheat on Dad, what about your promise, no more cheap flirting with guys, You said he was the only one for you and it wouldn't happen again"

"Well love circumstances change," said Kimberly

"Well love nothing... Is Dad not doing it anymore for you is that it?" Kathleen said calmly trying not to lose it

"Love... your dad is amazing, I do love him, but we just haven't been getting on lately"

"At the first hurdle you fall mum every time something gets tough you run into the arms of another..." she was cut off by a sharp slap in the face.


Kathleen burst into tears and ran off upstairs to pack...


The End

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