Fear and Fighting

The wind whiping by my ears made a screaming noise, or maybe that was me. I was terrified; I didn't want to know what those renegade stallions wanted to do to me. They were in hot persuit, Carison was starting to gain. Although I was very scared, my wits had not totally left me. I matched his pace, and galloped onward.

Becela was not with them, and I hoped with all my heart that she was fleeing right now. I was galloping toward our territory, along the treeline. I watched the boulder fly by my shoulder, and knew it wasn't long now. Not feeling tired at all, I decided to take in my surroundings. The ground was soft, as normal in spring. The clouds were dark, but not so dark as to promise rain. Suddenly I heard a loud cry from behind me. Turning my head, I saw that Araim was falling behind. His black coat was soaked in sweat, and Carison wasn't doing to good either. I laughed and upped the pace.

I galloped clear through the small meadow that lead to the watering hole. By now, Carison was slowed to a canter and Araim wasn't even in sight anymore. Sweat was just starting to show on my coat now. They must have thought I was worth it though, considering they came all this way just for me.

I saw the ground begin to slope, and the herd came into view. There was Radke, staring up at me as I galloped down the hill to the small valley. Once he saw Carison, he loped towards him in an intimidating way. The rest of the herd looked up from their grazing and watched the two stallions meet.

I gasped to see how much bigger Carison was than Radke. Radke looked like a slightly large pony standing in front of the big chesnut. But in his tired state, Carison would be no match for the swift buckskin Radke. After about five more minutes, Araim fairly stumbled to meet us. He was dripping sweat, and his nostrals were flared to full length. His breath was weazy, and he collapsed right next to Radke.

Radke eyed him, and announced firmly, "You two aren't mustangs, are you?"

Carison snarled tiredly, "Damn straight!! I'm a Hanoverian, and he's a Thoroghbred."

Radke blinked. "No wonder you're so tired." He murmured. Then spoke louder again. "What are you doing in my territory stealing m mares?"

Carison gasped, "She didn't seem to be anybody's mare when we took her. But this one here-" He jerked his head towards me. "seemed to think she owned the place. She kicked me awful hard too."

Radke stared coldly at him. "Why did she kick you?"

Carison snorted, "None of your damn buisness!"

Radke curled up his lip. "This isn't helping your case. Anyway, I'll cut you some slack. If you leave now and never steal my mares again, that will be the end of it."

Araim whispered weakly, "And if we refuse?"

Radke's face darkened, and his gaze turned to ice. "Then whoever can beat me gets the mares, territory, everything. But I don't recomend it."

Carison laughed, gaining some of his strength back. "Bring it on! I can beat you anyday, you little pony!" He clear over Radke, and I gasped. No mustang had that kind of jumping skill. Even Radke seemed impressed.

But that didn't stop Carison from attacking. He dived teeth first for Radke's neck, but Radke dodged with ease. Carison skidded to a stop, and screamed threats at Radke. Radke smirked, and reared into the air. I watched horrified as Carison landed a blow on Radke's exposed stomach. Radke fell to the ground, and all the mares pawed the ground anxiously.

Rage burned in my heart, and I could feel the adrenaline entering my bloodstream. I screamed savagely and leaped at Carison. He just turned his head to see my teeth sink into his neck. He wailed and bucked in an effort to tear loose. I let go, and saw the blood start flowing from the wound.

He looked at it, and growled, "You hag!! I'll teach you to attack a stallion!" He aimed a kick at my head, But I wheeled at the last minute, and his kick hit nothing but air. He let out a frustrated scream, and lashed out again. I ducked and kicked him right in the chest. He howled with pain and fell to the ground with a thud.

I was satisfied that he wouldn't get up for a while, and looked around for Radke. He wasn't in the spot were he fell, but standing in awe next to Araim. He asked, "Um, Shera. Where did you learn to do that?"

I shrugged. "I watched you're dad fight once when he was still the stallion. He saw me afterward, and told me, 'A good stallion shouldn't have to kill his opponent to win.' And well, your father's opponent acted a lot like Carison did. It wasn't too hard to beat him."

Radke smiled. "Well, good job. You're not hurt, are you?"

I shook my head. "You got a nasty bruise on your stomach though."

He winced. "Don't remind me. But we'll wait until they get up to run them out of here." I agreed and we walked toward the rest of the herd, who greeted us with a big cheer. I glanced at Radke. He's grown up, I thought. I think he will make a great leader for us now.

Once Araim was rested enough to get up, he woke up Carison. We were waiting, and as soon as both of them got up, we chased them all the way to the edge of our territory. I felt little fear anymore, now that I was back with Radke.

When him and I arrived back in our territory, we had a celebration. All the mares started gossiping amoungst one another and asking me how it scared I must have been fighting that stallion. I sighed and just told them, "Look, I wasn't scared at all. When you're that angry, everything sorta goes blank." Then I walked toward  the woods.

I wandered through the woods, until I finally came to a clearing. I lay in it, and sighed. Night had fell by now, and the stars were out again. I murmured, "Why does this feel so hollow, like there's no point? I saved him, so what? Its not like it makes him think any more highly of me than before."

"That's not true Shera." Radke tenderly stepped into the moonlite clearing. His coat shone; he looked like a star. He lay across from me, and sighed. "I've always admired you," He murmured. "I thought you were the smartest and strongest and prettiest horse I had ever seen. When you told me you wanted to go after Becela, I was so terrified for you. I didn't want you to get hurt or taken by another stallion.

"You aren't just a blue roan mare- you're my blue roan mare. If those stallions would have hurt you, I would have killed them both. I love you Shera, ever since I was little."

I swear I saw him blushing, but I could hardly speak. He looked pleadingly into my eyes, making it harder to speak. He turned away, saying, "I'm sorry. We can still be friends if you want." He got up, and started walking away.

I didn't want him to think I didn't like him, but my feet seemed cemented in place. I closed my eyes and concentrated, then I got up and ran toward Radke. I screamed, "Radke, wait!"

He stopped, and turned to face me. I saw hope in his sparkling eyes, and I cantered toward him. "I never said I didn't like you!" I yelled as I came closer, and stopped just before I was in front of him. I whispered in his ear, "I love you too, Radke."

He shivered, and whispered back, "Thanks Shera."

"No problem." I answered. Then I remebered something. "I never did race you, did I?" He was confused for a second, just enough for me to get a head start. Then he reared and galloped after me.

All I remeber of that night is that the next morning, Radke was smiling like an idiot all day and I felt like a million bucks <3.

The End

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