Run with Sciccors

I do not know how to summerize this one.

There's soggy cereal in my bowl
And spilled milk on floor
Your passed out in the bedroom
With strange men behind the door.

You've let me run amock with sciccors
He's taken away my bear
His breathe smells really funny
I have no clean clothes left to wear.

My hair is one big tangle
My socks no longer match
My hididng spots are gone
My thighs, covered in marks where Ive been snatched.

The dress that you bought me
Is now torn and ripped in half
I feel all soft and dreamy
There's a bite mark on my calf.

My eyes are closed, as if Im dreaming
I really hope thats true
I know that you would hold me
If I were there with you.

But you didnt see me
Didnt hear me scream
The man who fell upon me,
I wish that was a dream.

I have to leave you, mommy
Im being called; from over there
Everything is so very pretty
They gave me a brand new bear!

Let me walk before you
Into this endless night
The sky is filled with twinkling stars
That will guide me in this flight.

And when you see me, mommy
Put a smile on your face
And know that I am waiting for you
In this wonderous place.

The End

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