12. Getting to Know My HusbandMature

12. Getting to Know My Husband

I was still somewhat irked with James, but I tried not to show it. He was probably just as comfortable as I was.

"So Ella's your little sister?" James asked.

Even though I empathized with James, I wasn't exactly in a pleasant mood. His excessive "chivalry" had really irritated me, though I couldn't exactly explain why. I decided to blame my foul mood on my nerves. Finally, I answered James' question with a half-mumbled "Yes."

"She's lucky to have a sister who cares about her so much," James said, extending the figurative olive branch.

"Where are we going?" I asked, switching the subject. I didn't want the conversation to get too personal. "I mean, I know we're headed for Illinois, but which route are we going to take?"

"There's a GPS here," James said, motioning to the glove compartment. "I was going to stop at McDonald's for something to eat, but I guess we might as well figure out where exactly we're going to go."

"Excuse me? I never gave you permission to go out to eat!" I snapped. "We're trying to leave this place quickly, James. If you haven't noticed, we're sort of on the run here."

James held up a hand. "Relax, Katie. I was kidding about the McDonald's thing."

Ellie spoke up from the backseat. "Can we get ice cream?"

"No," I replied, eyes still trained on my husband. "We're not going to McDonald's."

James shook his head. Glancing into the rearview mirror, I saw him meet Ellie's eyes. "We'll get some ice cream when we're a little farther away," he promised.

"I'm Ella's authority, James. Don't make decisions without my approval."

Taking a deep breath, James nodded slowly. "Okay," he said, and I could tell he was trying to keep his temper under control.

Once out of the city, I let out a long breath. "Phew."

James visibly relaxed, too. "Glad we're out of there. I kept thinking someone would recognize us and turn us in." He looked in the rearview mirror again. "They're both asleep. I'm glad - Annaliese hardly slept a half hour. She usually sleeps at least two hours at a time."

"You don't have to make conversation, James," I said, rolling my eyes. "I can take the silence."

Yes, I was trying to be difficult. I was still angry with James, and besides - if he hadn't come along, then perhaps Caruso could have found some other way to let me be a fugitive! Folding my arms across my chest, I leaned back against the seat and tried to send off as many annoyed vibes as I possibly could.

"Point well made, Katie."

I could hear the edge of exasperation in James' tone, and I felt somewhat guilty. Not enough to be civil, though.

I typically was a rather daring person, but this...this beat all.

I closed my eyes. Getting to know my husband was going to be nearly unbearable.

The End

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