Run For Your Life

Written for my writing class. You (the protagonist) had taken a shortcut to avoid being late, and ran out of gas. You had gotten out of the car, heard steps following you, and turned around. This is where we picked up the story. :)

Panic-stricken, I whipped around, wide eyes scanning the road behind me. Among the darkness, I spied a pair of fluorescent yellow eyes. Those horrible eyes glowered back at me, a piercing gaze that drove me back an uneasy step or two. The eyes advanced, pupils mere slits of ebony in shimmering pools of gold. My heart raced and my breathing quickened to the point of near-hyperventilation as I thought of a way to get away from the monster.

A low growl met my ears and I covered my mouth to keep from yelling in fright. The unblinking eyes were still focused on me - what could that thing possibly want? I had nothing of value on my person, nothing I could offer it that would allow me an easy escape. Maybe it would just go ahead and kill me. Maybe it would make me suffer a bit more before ripping me apart. Maybe, just maybe, it would leave and let  me go. I realized then that I had continued backing away and now stood in a circular patch of light. My surroundings were now illuminated and the shape of a large dog - or perhaps a wolf - came into view. Its fur was darker than the night itself, front right paw dappled with white, and those horrifying yellow eyes continued to glare up at me unwaveringly.

"Wait," I choked out as a snarl ripped out of its chest. It obviously was not going to wait to follow through with my disembowelment. Rearing up and baring its scarred white throat and belly, it gave another terrifying snarl. Only this time - wait just a minute. Had it just said something?

"Did you just... talk to me?" I asked in a voice not my own, a voice weak with fear. The beast's eyes narrowed and his maw opened to address me. His voice was low, raspy, and nearly unintelligible, but he could speak. This wolf, this animal, could talk to me!

"Why are you here?" he repeated, much clearer this time.

My mouth hung open in awe. The wolf looked unimpressed at my inability to respond.

"You understand, yes?" he asked, tilting his head. His limited vocabulary only made it that much harder to decipher his meaning. "You... understand... wolf. Yes?" he inqured once more, eyes glimmering impatiently. I nodded slowly. "Then speak! Answer! Why are you here, human!?" he barked, eliciting a startled yell from yours truly.

"I... I'm lost!" I yelled at him, on the verge of tears. I was being accosted by a talking wolf in the middle of the night when all I wanted to do was go home and sleep, forget this nightmare; just as soon as I could find my car. With all this backing up and running around, I had ended up in the middle of unfamiliar territory and my vehicle was nowhere to be seen. Now I knew why people never took this road. The animal looked at me, skepticism present in his gaze.

"Lost," he mused.

"Lost!" I screamed, exasperated beyond belief. This was doing nothing to help my already quite desperate situation. "Look," I started, holding my hands up with my palms facing outward. "I just want to go home," I said, trying to maintain my mask of calmness. On the inside, I was so scared I felt I might vomit.

"Human will not go," he growled.

I looked at him incredulously, then stomped my foot, anger boiling up inside me, smoldering rage making my face and chest hot with fury. "Human will go wherever she wants to go! Now I'm going home and you're going to get out of my way!" I shouted, mustering up what little courage I had to lean down and glare at him, eye to eye. I then learned that putting your face right in front of the muzzle of an angry wolf is not exactly a smart move. He leapt forward, teeth scraping across the sensitive skin of my cheeks, nose, and forehead. His paws raced up to follow his mouth, claws raking deep furrows across my left eye. The agony was excruciating - it hurt to even try moving my face, which made my grimace of pain even more painful. I fell on my knees, tears rolling down my face and stinging my open wounds with their salt.

"Human will not go," he repeated. "Human will stand," the wolf commanded, tail raised. My legs pushed me upright, obligated to obey this terrible creature. I felt blood trickling down my neck from the lacerations on my face. I wondered then, offhandedly, if my face resembled anything remotely human any more, or if I had been disfigured beyond recognition. "You follow. Do not speak. Human will be hurt," he said in a monotone. I nodded, holding back waves of fury and frustration. I realized it was pointless to attempt arguing with him or running away. If I refused him, he would probably kill me. If I tried to run, he - having one pair of legs more than I did - would catch up with me and then kill me; or badly maul me, one of the two. He began walking, slowly at first, towards a patch of trees that somehow seemed darker than the surrounding shadows. His pace sped up until he was going at a steady trot, causing me to have to break into a jog just to keep up with him.

"Please, God, let me live through this," I prayed quietly.

"No speak," the wolf growled, turning his head around to glance at me out of the corner of his eye. His teeth flashed in the pale moonlight, ivory fangs glimmering. I noticed crusted blood gathered up near his gums and shivered. I hoped that my blood would stay in my body, where it belonged, and would not end up on the teeth of some animal. We made our way through the cluster of plants, emerging in a wide clearing. The full moon seemed so much brighter here. I almost squinted my eyes against the light, the sudden glare was so intense. I scanned the ground, catching a glimpse of a knotted limb; it looked heavy, sturdy, as though it would make a good weapon. Keeping this thought in mind, I returned my attention to my captor. He stood a yard or so in front of me, tail swaying anxiously. He had what could only be described as a look of sadistic glee plastered across his muzzle when he turned to face me.

I began a steady retreat, sliding back almost unnoticeably. If the wolf saw me move, he made no mention of it. He merely followed, keeping the same distance of about three feet between us at all times. I was so close to that branch now that the few leaves still clinging to the wood tickled the back of my leg.

"Now what?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant and failing miserably as my voice cracked. The wolf grinned at me - however wolves manage to do that.

"Now you change," he chortled, backing away. Before I could figure out what he meant, he was racing towards me, his legs outstretched and his slavering maw wide open. I screamed, holding up my arm to defend myself. His sharp fangs sank deep into my flesh; more screams, horrifyingly inhuman, tore their way from my throat as pain coursed through my body in a manifestation of searing heat. The leftover momentum from his flying leap sent us tumbling backward. The knotted end of the branch pressed painfully into my back as I fell onto it; the realization hit me then that I could no longer reach it. Another observation that caught me by surprise was that the wolf was making no move to rip my arm off. He merely sat there and kept his jaw clenched around my arm, giving little squeezes now and then that made my body throb.

More agonizing fire shot through my body and I bit my lip to keep back the pained whimper that sat at the back of my throat. I had to get him off of me. With all the strength I could gather, I curled my free hand into a fist and brought it down as hard as I could on the wolf's face, right between his eyes. An aggrieved whine rippled out of his mouth, but he did not let go of my arm. Instead, he gave a sharp tug, causing me to shriek again as I listened to the sound of my own flesh straining and tearing between his teeth. I hit him again and he mercifully released me, retreating into the shadows with his tail between his legs. Something about his expression, however, jostled me a bit. He looked - dare I say - accomplished.

I looked at the gaping wound in my arm, at the blood gushing out of it, and suddenly felt queasy. My gaze traveled to the full moon, the only witness to the savage attack I had hoped I would survive. Without warning, my stomach clenched painfully, jerking me upward into a sitting position. I doubled over, clutching my abdomen with my good hand and making a bizarre noise even I did not recognize. It sounded like growling. Choked, muffled growling was bubbling out of my throat - and I could not control it.

Then the pain came. Pain more tormenting, more excruciatingly unbearable than any other I had experienced in my lifetime swept over me in a torrential rain. It traveled all throughout my body in electric waves, the torturous fire spreading beneath my skin, crippling me in an instant. It hurt to move. It hurt to even think about moving. I laid there, body throbbing and spasming in agony, eyes spilling over with pained grief as of yet unshed. I noticed then, that through my animalistic noises, I was pleading and crying for my mother to come and find me, to come and save me. I remember only pain before unconsciousness swept over me in a cold blanket. When I woke up, I was miles away from where I had fainted. The sun was rising, tinting the clouds an unpleasant shade of pink. I tasted blood in my mouth, the wound on my arm had mysteriously disappeared, and my clothing hung in tattered strands from my body.

What had just happened to me?

The End

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