Run before it's too late (True story)

This is my story. It's about how I learnt what wolves men are. I do not mean that all men are the same.

This happened about 6 years ago, when I was only 8. I looked nothing mature, just 5'2 perhaps and wavy brown hair with a pinkish complexion. In all, a kid.

As any other 8 year old, shops, particularly toy shops, had always caught my eye. I was at an institution my mother went to, I had come here to pick her up. This place was situated very close to the market and had an ample amount of shops around it. The toy shops were at the end of the street and I'd spotted them when we reached the place. 

I went in to call my mum, she was still busy and told me she needed a while. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity, I asked her if she had any money. She gave me Rs. 30 and told me this was all she had since she hadn't actually any need of money today. Now Rs. 30 is a very low amount of money but it didn't matter to me back then. I thought I might just get lucky.

I walked down the footpath, crossed around 6 shops and then I saw this toy shop with no sign board but it was pretty big so I thought I could get something here.    

As I entered the shop, I noticed the shopkeeper was a guy probably in his early 20s. He wasn't actually someone I could classify as good looking or a  gentleman. He was average, curly hair, tan and short. He approached me with sleepy eyes. He asked me what I wanted , I said I wanted a gift for a relative. He asked me what kind? And I just slipped behind the counter's wall to view the items there. Next thing I knew that guy was sticking behind me, like literally sticking! His front was stuck to my but, this made me uneasy even at 8. so I moved away to the other wall, he still stood at the counter.

I had started feeling awkward, but I ignored my conscience and  just viewed the articles present in the shop. The shopkeeper then asked me for my address, I sung it out to him (which I can't believe at the moment), but I'm pretty sure he didn't get what I said. Which was why he asked for my Telephone number. This was it, God has put a 6th sense in every girl, media had also displayed the asking of phone numbers to end up in love and relationships. I told him, I forgot. My Brain was now thinking up ways to get out of there.

 Now I picked up an item, I remember it being some piece of china, and asked him the price, he came and was stuck to me again. He said I could just take it but what would I give him in return? I hastily took out the 30 Rupees I had earlier gotten and showed them to him telling him I had only this. He didn't take the money, I ran out of the shop with the item and into my car where my mother and my siblings were waiting for me. 

I lied about the incident in the car because of my siblings, they're all younger than me, I had to. when I got home I narrated the whole incident to my mum. The day after she went to the shop. It turned out the shopkeeper I had run into yesterday was a guy working for a man who was the actual owner. My mother talked to the actual owner, he was infuriated and showed my mother all of his employees and he said that he would fire the guy who had tried to get sexual with me, my mother  not knowing the face could not tell and the description I had given her was very vague. 

From that day, I am afraid of unknown men and reluctant to know them until somebody I know, knows them and their opinion is good about them. I would advice you the same. :) hope you liked this story.

The End

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