A short story about a fearless girl trying to protect the ones she loves

I really do not know how I got here. Jade was supposed to help me up but somehow I ended up in Will's car running from our life's. I don't remember when I did the decision, but I did. He was helping me run away. We would go to a large city where we would look like ordinary people.

Will face was still flushed with anger. I had gotten in between my stepdad when he was about to hit my little brother. He Punched me in the eye and pushed me against the wall, still hitting me. He had killed my mom and only I knew. He had threatened to do the same to my brother if I told anyone anything. One day my mom was doing breakfast and in the next she was being burned into ashes in a fire in the backyard. We had gone inside and I was going to make my little brother a snack we the incident hapened. I had then escaped from him, ran towards my little brother and burst out the door almost hitting Will in the face. When he heard my stepfather cursing and saw my brother crying he took my hand and we took off running into the woods. We had gone into a little cabin in the woods that we had used as our meet up place when we were little. He had his car in the driveway of the cabin and he let us in. With my brother sleeping in the back seat and me spilling my heart out to Will in the front I had told him everything.

I look back at my brother. Bruises cover his arms and I bet also his back and legs. I look ahead at the dark lonely road. It is just after midnight and Will has been living off of coffee for naot having slept the night before. I look at the moon fighting the tears just like I have been in the last hours. As if knowing Will takes my hand. I have never touched Will. We have only ever talked. Although every one thought we were dating we were not. Will was always there when I needed him and he would do anything for me just like I would do for him. He was looking at me as if to see my reaction. I just smiled and scooted towards him and rested my head on his shoulder. He took his hand from mine and put it around me. For the first time I actually felt calm and at peace. I closed my eyes and dreamed of smiles and of good parents.

The End

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