The Morning AfterMature



During the daylight hours they kept a sack, retrieved from the floor of the van over her head.  To prevent her from crying out, a rag had been stuffed in her mouth, the oily taste made her gag; the bag over her head was damp and musty.  Her shoulders and arms screamed dully after hours of hanging in the cold basement.

     Hours passed by that felt like eternities, she slipped in and out of a half sleep, half faint from pain and shock.  She imagined running free from her captors; a thousand deaths she wished on each of them as she hung waiting for their return.

     It was approaching dark when she heard movement above her; footsteps coming closer, then the scraping sound of a bolt being drawn back.  A puff of warmer air drifted down, bringing with it the smell of burgers and fries.  The sons of bitches had been out and

bought themselves burgers while she had hung here in this hell hole.   

     They had probably been out for a beer run too.  She had been able to smell the empties they had left laying around, with her hangover it had almost been enough to make her vomit behind the oily rag.  It would have served them right if they had come back and found her choked to death.  That would have ruined all their plans.

     Instead they returned to find her just as they had left her.  When they lifted her down from the chains the pain doubled, as blood rushed back in to her limbs she almost screamed, despite the rag that was still wedged in her mouth.  Her arms were pinned roughly and first her wrists and then her ankles were bound tightly.  Rope passed round several times and knotted on each side.  The rough rope dug in to her skin, fresh pain to endure.

     Once more she was lifted from the floor, the bag almost slipping from her head as she was thrown over a shoulder.  As she was carried to the stairs she caught a glimpse of the table.  She didn’t know where they were taking her now, but she didn’t want to end up on that table.  The cold steel top reflecting light off the chains attached, winked at her as she was carried by.


The End

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