A week long trip...
Drugs, murder, sex and obviously lies...


“Ah! Delhi! My home, my love!” I whispered to myself as soon as I got out of the airport. A week of just partying and relaxing was what I had needed.

“Tasha, Tasha!” someone screamed from the herd of people. And then popped a head I recognized. “Kitty! Am I glad to see you!” I screamed right back.

 Kitty is a friend of mine from dance class. She had to move back to Delhi though. I needed a visit here and she asked me to stay with her. She is smart, funny and gorgeous (And did I say gorgeous?).

 “So how was your flight? Any cute hostesses for me?” She grinned. “Ah, the same, same. No one really interesting. I wish there was though, I would have had a little fun.” I replied with a sigh. “Well, forget that, I’m taking you out tonight. A nice, happening bar is all you need these days. We can get drunk, hook up and then throw up next morning” She said after which she stuck her tongue out.

 Yeah, she’s always been kind of into me. And has had always wanted to hook up with me and she doesn’t give a damn about her girlfriend knowing. She’d like her to join us. I wouldn’t mind now; I just broke up with my boyfriend who didn’t like the fact that I have thing for women too. This is perfect timing. Booze, sex, drugs, dancing and sex, couldn’t get any better.

 “Sure, sure. We can hook up anytime. Like you could totally help me shower when we get back to you place.” I replied with an extremely flirtatious smile. “Finally! I can actually show you the wonders of my tub that I have been talking about so much.”

After a minute. “What do you want to eat?” She asked.

“Do you mean other than you?” I grinned, she chuckled. “I mean seriously, I aint cooking today. Pizza? Or Chinese? Take you pick.”


 “So” she said while pouring me a glass of wine. “How have you been? I mean you look great. But what about everything else?”

“Spank you very much for the me looking so, so great but I just got out of a plane; I look hideous. And everything else is all great. How’s your girlfriend doing?” I replied before taking a long gulp of the wine. “She’s doing fine. You are going to meet her tonight and she is bringing someone along for you.”

“I don’t need anyone. I got you and of course the tub, right?” I gave her my most charming smile.

“Is this when I’m supposed to kiss you, Tasha?” she giggled while aiming for my lips.

And obviously to ruin the moment the doorbell rang.

“Damn it!” she groaned.

“It’s okay. After food I shall show you to have a good time.” I smiled.

 “Hey baby!” someone screamed. “I got the pizza, if that wasn’t a much of a problem.”

And then she walked in. She was easily the most beautiful thing I had set my eyes on. She had dark hair, perfect almond colored skin, the most kissable lips and eyes shinier than the TV! “Oh! I thought you were coming in later. Anyway, I’m Anita. You must be Tasha.” She said in an extremely sexy voice. “Yes, yes I am Tasha. It feels great to finally see you. As much as I hate to say this, I have heard a lot about you.” I replied with an equally charming voice. “Ah, I hope she said all the good things about me.”

“But I can bet the bad ones are the ones worth knowing.”  I grinned.

“Honestly speaking, you’re much hotter than Kitty described. Much, much hotter. I never knew that Mumbai people could actually be hot”

“Now that’s an insult, Anita.”

“Not for you.” She grinned.

“Pizza time bitches!” Screamed Kitty from the kitchen. “And stop hitting on my friends from Mumbai, Anita. You are still somewhat dating me. And who wants what to drink?”

 Later that night, at the pub.

“I’m getting the next round” I screamed. “Anyone care to join me?” “Naw! I’m off to dance” Said Kitty while grabbing Ashley to the floor. “I’ll join you.” Said Anita.

“So, how many times has she tried sleeping with you?” asked Anita.

“Who? Kitty?”

“Well duh. Ashley thinks you’re way out of her league anyway. What about Kit? She’s hot, you’re hot, it’d be hot.”

“I get she is like all hot and all. I guess it’s cool to probably hook up with her once or something but yeah she aint really my type. And plus, I know people hotter than her.”

“Who is really your type then? And who is hotter than Kit in this room right now?”

“You should really be with Kit on the floor now.”

And simply, I went and danced with Ashley. Not that I wanted to; I had other people to be with. 

The End

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