Arthur couldn’t stop thinking about Renee and what their life had been before. A part of him wanted to give up, just wanted to forget all the pain, death and fear he’d felt since Z-Day.

After they’d heard about the gruesome deaths of those innocent people, the reports had started coming in about a deadly Ebola-like strain outbreak in West Africa, which had started in a rural, outlying village where a mobile UN Aid hospital had been set up. Some of the aid workers had flown back to the US for their annual leave, and although they had been given the medical all-clear, one of them, a guy named Robert Shaw, started developing symptoms.

By the time his plane landed and he was on his way back to his hometown in Ohio, it was game over for humanity.

The US military had evacuated the surrounding towns, but not after the first wave of infections had already spread beyond their control. As you can imagine, the world came to a screaming halt. Infrastructure collapsed, looting was out of control and of course, the flesh eating undead were taking over.

Arthur and Renee had managed not to get separated during the ensuing pandemonium. They had been evacuated along with the remaining townsfolk to the nearest military base, Twin Forks, designated to housing tent 25, where they had been thrown together with four other survivors, Thomas, Levi, Maria and Joe.

They thought they were safe.

The End

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