A rustic vioce sounded through the intercom system of the abandoned hospital. "The end of the world did not begin with an explosion". It was a recording, an advertisement for a book written for when people were able to read, for when people had the time to read.

Times have changed, very much so. The recording continued. "The end of the world began when an invisible wall was demolished, people flooded through the ruins, flowing past their falling friends".

If it was not so tragic I think I could have laughed. The people that flooded over the wall were not just characters in some book, the book was released just one week before its pages became historic. "Determined to cross the line as if they were running from a crazed animal".  It turns out they were running with a crazed unknown disease. The hospital was rumoured to be a 'safe zone', free from the plague, no where could avoid its grasp. I do not know what idiot spread the rumour that this germ riddled building was safe.

Too late now, so I decided to try and salvage anything of use. "Televised anarchy documented the end of the human race as the dominant specis, and their decline to endangered specis".

I was not born when the world was at peace, a phrase used lightly. My mother carried me during the outbreak, during the end. I seem to have an immunity to the unknown killer. However, I am susceptible to more previously common viruses. I might be the last living person on the planet.... "We became the hunted, we were reduced from billions, to no more than a few thousand isolated, frightened creatures".

I have never known a hug, or a laugh, I cannot remember the things I should from my childhood. I do not know what city I cower in, I can not read so signs mean nothing. "Yet our deaths will not causeany change to anything but us, we were unjustifyingly pointless, everything goes on". I search for another, someone like me, someone alive. I knew a few people, but their faces have faded from my memory.

I tripped and fell down, landing on my elbows. I pushed down and launched myself onto my feet. It was a dead body, a young african man, his hands clenched a small gun, but someone else had shot him before he could even react, dead in the blink of an eye.

"The plague that wiped out billions did not begin in a chemical lab with an experiment. It could be said that jealousy started it, the human physci caused their own down fall. Jealousy can cause men to do things they might later regret, only a few lived to regret this time, this is not a bed time story with a happy ending...."


The End

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