Later, at Grandpa Lou and Grandma Lulu's retirement home

The adults put on their normal clothes, covering their diapers, and they took the kids to Grandma and Grampa. They rang the doorbell and Lou answered it. "Hello Didi, Betty, Kira, Charlotte and Lucy." Lou said. "Your having the kids have fun time with us?" Lulu said. Didi said, "Yes. Bye kids. Have fun with Grandma and Grandpa." They closed the door and the babies walked to the grandparents. "Lou can you watch the kids? I need to hog to the store." Lulu said. "Sure, I can watch the sprouts." Lou said. So Grandpa watched them and wondered why Angelica, Chuckie and Susie are diapered. But, he went to sleep again, and the babies played. Lulu returned with a pack of 24 adult diapers her size. Lou was still asleep, so Lulu and tha babies went to her and Lou's room and locked the door. Lulu said, "Your Grandma is going to try one on of these diapers." The babies felt happy about this. She took her skirt and panties off, then grabbed a diaper and taped it on her. She was feeling excited about this.

The End

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