Mommies special day

The mommies dress up like their children, wear diapers and act like babies. (Angelica, Chuckie and Susie are in diapers, just like my last story.)

The daddies had a day off and the mommies went to the store, so Taffy was babysitting the children. The mommies bought 5 24 packs of adult diapers and adult baby clothes. Didi bought a blue shirt just like Tommy, Betty bought a pink shirt with black pinstripes and turquoise overalls and a pair of pink shoes just like Lil, Kira bought a pink shirt, a yellow dress with a purple cat on it, and a pair of purple boots just like Kimi, Charlotte bought a purple jumper, a long-sleeved orange-red blouse with flared cuffs, a pair of orange socks and a pair of purple shoes just like Angelica, and Lucy bought a yellow dress with purple wavy lines on it, a pair of frilly white socks and a pair of red ballet flats just like Susie. When they got home and payed Taffy for baby sitting, they went upstairs into Tommy's room and closed the door, then they took off all of their cloths and were now naked, Betty kept his socks on and they got a diaper, one from each of their packs, taped one on each of them and got their baby clothes on.

The End

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