Next day, Taffy time again.

Lulu gave her grand-niece something for her before going. The babies were all playing, and then Taffy opened the box, a pack of 24 teenage diapers. Taffy said, "Wow! Diapers! Thanks, Aunt Lulu!" She took off her skirt and panties and grabbed a diaper and taped it on her. She sat down and said, "Oh! These are so comfy!" She was so happy, then she needed to pee and poop, so she pushed until..."FFFFFF! FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! FFF! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" "Ah!" She was happy, she sat with the babies. Taffy said, "That's better. I love diapers, now I can play with you minis." They all played together, then Taffy got her diaper changed. Taffy put her skirt back on so they couldn't see her diaper. She was happy now.

The End

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