Goes in the diaper.

Susie says, "I'll do it in my diaper." So she stared pushing, she kept pushing and pushing until..."FFFFFF! FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! FFF! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" "Ah!" She was happy she went in her diaper. She rubbed the front and felt the good wetness of her pee, and sat down and felt the good dirtiness of her poop. "I love diapers too! I'm never using the potty again!" The babies all cheered for Susie. Then Lucy came in and saw Susie in a dirty diaper. "Let me guess. You love diapers too." Lucy said. Susie said, "Yes, mommy." She hugged her daughter and said, "You can be in diapers too, Susie." That made her feel better, and Lucy changed her diaper, throw away the dirty one, cleaned her butt, and put on a new one. Then Phil had some fun time with Susie. Their dating too since Rugrats Go Wild. Now all of the Rugrats were happy in diapers for their lives.

The End

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