She wants to wear a diaper too.

Susie says, "Can I wear a diaper too?" Angelica says, "Sure, Susie." So Angelica grabbed a diaper from her pack and they all went upstairs into Susie's room and closed the door. Then, Susie took off her pants and underwear and taped the diaper on her. Then, she sat down and felt the diaper comfortable. "I like diapers too. I'll wear these from now on." Susie said. They were all happy. Now all of the Rugrats were diapered. Then, Susie needed to pee and poop. "I'll be right back, I need to go to the potty." Susie said. Angelica says, "Just go in your diaper." Susie says, "Should I?" Chuckie says, "You'll like it."

The End

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