He goes in the diaper.

Chuckie said, "I'm going in my diapie." So he pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed until..."FFFFFF! FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! FFF! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" "Ah!" Chuckie was happy he went in his diaper, he rubbed the front and felt good wetness of his pee, and sat down and felt the good dirtiness of his poop. "Your right Kimi! I love diapers! I'm never using the potty again!" Chuckie said. Kimi said, "I know my big brother would do it!" Then Kira walked into their room and saw Chuckie in a dirty diaper. Kira said, "Chuckie? Why are you in a diaper?" Then Chuckie said some words to his mom. "I...love...them." Then her son was in tears and hugged him. Kira said, "It's ok, Chuckie. If you want, I'll let you wear diapers again." They both chuckled, that made Chuckie feel better, she changed his diaper, throw away the dirty one, cleaned his butt and put a new one on him. Then Chuckie went to sleep in his bed. Kira bought diapers for him next morning. Chuckie was in his new diaper life like Angelica's.

The End

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