He wants to try one on.

"Maybe I'll try on a diaper." So he grabs a diaper, then he took his PJ's and his under wear off and taped the diaper on him, and it still fits. Then he sat down and felt it comfortable. "I like these. I'm wearing them from now on." Then he walked back to his room, and Kimi woke up noticing him in a diaper. Kimi said, "Chuckie, are you wearing a diapie?" Chuckie said, "Yes Kimi. I like them." Then Chuckie noticed he still needs to go pee and poop. Chuckie said, "Hang on, I gots to go potty." Kimi said, "Can you just go in your diapie." Chuckie said, "Kimi, why should I just go in my diapie and not the potty?" Kimi said, "Tommy likes it, Dil likes it, Angelica likes it, Phil and Lil likes it even I likes it." Chuckie thought about it.

The End

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