Later at the Finsters

The babies were playing, Chuckie, Lil, Tommy and Kimi were doing love things, Chuckie and Lil were dating since The Rugrats Movie, same for Tommy and Kimi since Rugrats in Paris. When the doorbell rang, Kira, Chuckie and Kimi's mother went to go answer it. She opened the door and their was Charlotte and Angelica. "Hello Charlotte. Hi Angelica." said Kira. Then she noticed Angelica in a diaper. "Charlotte, why is Angelica in a diaper." said Kira. "She loves them. She doesn't want to be potty trained any more, and I'll let her stay in them to make her happy." said Charlotte. "Ok, then come on in." Kira let them in, and she walked Angelica to the babies. When Kira walked away, Tommy said, "Angelica, why are you in a diapie?" Kimi said, "I think she likes them, Tommy."

The End

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