"Forget the potty, I'm using the diaper."

Angelica said, "I'll just go potty...in my diaper!" So she started pushing, she kept pushing and pushing until..."FFFFFF! FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! FFF! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" "Ah!" She was happy she went potty in her diaper, she rubbed her front as she felt the good wetness of her pee and sat down and felt the good dirtiness of her poop. "I love diapers! I'm never using the potty again!" Then her mother came into the bathroom. She saw her daughter in a dirty diaper. Angelica said, "Mommy?" "Johnathan, I'm going to have to call you back." Charlotte said. Angelica said, "I got these diapers Mommy. And now I love them. I don't wanna use the potty anymore. Are mad at me." Charlotte gave her daughter a hug and said, "No my princess, I'll let you be in diapers now." That made Angelica happy. Charlotte changed her diaper, she throw it out, cleaned her butt and put a new diaper on her. Angelica was in her new happy diaper life.
The End

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