First to riseMature

Nine strangers wake up to find themselves on a seemingly undiscovered island.

As the warm sea rushed towards the shore, it was met with an unfamiliar sight. A man, no older than his mid-twenties, lay asleep just a few paces away from the reach of each dying wave. He appeared to be in relatively good condition, with short blonde hair and a clean shaven face. Dressed in a half-buttoned up white shirt and knee-length denim shorts, he didn't look entirely out of place. 

The man continued to do little more than breath as the Sea advanced and retreated on a repeat cycle. It strayed further ashore until it reached the sleeping man's feet, gently falling against them. After a few seconds of this, the young man began to stir. Upon opening his eyes he sat up abruptly, looking confused.

In front of him was a light blue mass, stretching far enough that he could see nothing beyond it. The few metres around him were covered by what looked like sand. He grabbed a handful and held it up to his face, gazing at it in awe before tossing it aside again. Finding his feet, the man stood up and turned around. The sight that met him was both beautiful and confusing. A forest, with trees taller than houses obscuring the view beyond stood before him. The man took a step back, intimidated by such a vision. Frantically, he started to pat down his pockets and reach into them, discovering nothing. As he turned back to face the Sea, a curious shape caught his eye a few hundred metres along the shoreline.

This shape was the only thing that looked irregular about the scene, but to the man it was all that looked familiar. He stared at it for a few seconds before beginning to stride towards it. As he approached, the identity of this shape became as clear to him as the sand, the Sea and the forest. It was a woman. 

He looked at her incredibly still body, her chest rising and falling every few seconds as she breathed slowly. In this sleeping state, she looked truly serene. Her face was partially shielded by long blonde, wavy hair covered in thousands of tiny sand grains. She wore a relatively short white dress and had no shoes on. The man continued to stare, captivated by this woman who didn't appear much older than eighteen.

"Hello?" he whisper quickly. The woman continued to sleep, oblivious to his attempt to garner her attention.  He reached down, placing his trembling hand gently on her shoulder. "Are you alright?" 

The woman's eyes flickered, her body becoming animated as she started to arise. Looking up at the man, a certain fear entered her face. The moment felt too far-fetched to be reality, yet too real to be a dream. Her hazel eyes made contact with his curious blue eyes. She studied his appearance carefully, taking note of everything from his full lips to his high cheek bones. 

"Who are you?" she queried.

"Cameron Lee." he replied, after thinking for a second. "Do you know how you got here?"

Puzzled, the young woman took a second to assess her surroundings. A look of disbelief spread across her face. This was like nothing she could even begin to recognise. Turning her attention back to this 'Cameron' man standing over her, she took another look at his face. He looked just as unsure as she felt, making her feel slightly more at ease. His features were warm, his presence was comforting somehow. 

"What is this place?" she finally said tentatively.

"I don't know. I went to bed in my flat in London last night and woke up here about fifteen minutes ago." Cameron exclaimed in a rather baffled way.

The woman looked down at the sand, an eerie feeling came over her. "The last thing I remember was going to sleep back home too."

They pair looked at eachother once more. Neither could even begin to make any sense of this situation. Cameron extended his hand down to the woman who was now sat upright. She took it and allowed him to help her up. 

"I don't know where we are or why we're here, but if we walk inland there may be someone who could tell us. Someone who could get us home." Cameron said.

Placing her eyes upon the forest, the woman sighed. "Guess there's not much choice. Someone's bound to be around, right?"

"Sure! A beach like this must attract plenty of people!" 

Taking a few steps forward, the woman scanned the trees in front of them. "Come on." she said with determination before turning back to Cameron and half-smiling. "I'm Alex." 

Alex continued walking towards the forest, with Cameron standing still for a moment to take in what had just happened. She turned back and looked at him expectantly, so he caught up and started to walk beside her.

The End

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