Ruby's PleasureMature

"I hate you. I absolutely despise you. Did you know that?"

The knife fell again and again, piercing through the flesh and spilling more and more blood out.  Ruby laughed louder and louder as she stabbed faster, letting out the anger, letting out all the fury within her.

“I wonder what your blood tastes like,” she whispered as she tore out the liver next “Better not try, who knows what kind of diseases lurk in this beautiful, beautiful red…mmm…”

She licked her lips as she lifted the blade to the moonlight, watching those drops falling from the tip and onto her pale blue skirt.  Her eyes slowly moved over to the classroom door as it opened and her smile faded when she saw the young man step into the room and freeze.

“Ruby?” he whispered “Why are you here so late?  What is that you’re sitting on?”

Ruby slowly stood and flicked some blood off the knife in her hand.  The young man stumbled back, eyes wide.

“Your sister!  Ruby, did you…?”

“You should have been here when I first stabbed her!” Ruby burst out laughing “She cried out your name!”

She directed the knife towards the man.

“I hate you,” she whispered, smile gone suddenly “I absolutely despise you.  Did you know that?”

“Ruby, put that knife down,” the man said slowly as he stepped away.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” the seven year old girl shrieked as she jumped onto the teacher’s desk then lunged for the startled man.

She raised her knife above her head and landed it through his eye.  He yelled in pain as her weight floored him and the knife came up to stab him through the head again and again.  His cries died down as Ruby giggled, lifting her blade to look at the blood mingling in with her sister’s.

“See, Lily?” she whispered “You’re together now.  It’s romantic, isn’t it?”

Her laugh echoed through the abandoned school before shifting down and stabbing his corpse in the chest over and over again. 

The End

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